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  • Here's how some HECM originators connect with financial advisors

    Reverse mortgage professionals share tips for building this referral base
    For the last several years, the reverse mortgage industry has been on a mission to teach financial advisors how a HECM could be useful in retirement income planning. HousingWire reached out to six seasoned HECM vets to learn how they engage financial advisors and turn them into solid referral partners. Here's what they had to say.
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  • Reverse Mortgage Funding: More financial advisors are recommending HECMs

    Lender ramps up education to help partners connect with advisors
    The reverse mortgage industry has been working for years to connect with financial advisors to teach them about the valuable role home equity can play in retirement income planning. Now, leading HECM lender Reverse Mortgage Funding says the effort is finally paying off. RMF says it has seen a significant uptick in interest from advisors and its investing sizable resources into helping its originators build this channel of business.
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  • Morgan Stanley increases mortgage lending

    Seeks broker dual status
    Morgan Stanley is working to increase its mortgage lending business by seeking regulatory approvals to make financial advisers dual employees of its banking subsidiary and broker-dealer. The goal is to gain a national charter for mortgage lending.
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  • TRR Interview: Craig Corn

    Featured in our March print edition of The Reverse Review, due to be released in the second week of March, I called upon Craig Corn, Vice President of MetLife Bank and executive in charge of their reverse mortgage division.  Craig has been a leader in the industry for over a decade and speaks positively about the prospects of the product, especially the HECM Saver. I originally called on Craig to discuss the impact of Bank of America’s plans to exit the reverse mortgage business and how that would affect their plans and expectations as a leader in the industry. 
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