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  • Trump administration calls for sweeping changes to financial ecosystem

    “Regulatory sandboxes,” eMortgages, online notarization, automated appraisals, more
    The Trump administration on Tuesday called for a series of changes to the country’s financial and mortgage ecosystems that, if enacted, would supercharge the financial industry’s technological revolution, upend the current regulatory environment, and potentially change the face of mortgage lending.
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  • HUD watchdog issues warning on fraudulent, inflated reverse mortgage appraisals

    Turns out the housing industry isn’t done with these yet
    In the run-up to the financial crisis, fraudulent appraisal schemes ran rampant in the housing industry, eventually leading to the complete overhaul of the property appraisal system and the rise of appraisal management companies. As it turns out, schemes like that have not been completely forced out of the industry.
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  • Allstate Appraisal and Bradford Technologies launch valuation tool

    Valuation Express targets valuations for HELOCs, seconds and REOs
    "The market needs alternatives that provide the strength and accuracy of an appraiser-driven valuation but without the time and expense of a full appraisal,” said Steven Albert, president of Allstate Appraisal. “The Valuation Express report provides the right balance of quality and expertise of the local appraiser at the price points lenders require."
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  • PCV Murcor: Appraisal industry ready for new oversight era

    Costs may challenge smaller, less established firms
    Getting an appraisal right is essential when you work in the real estate valuations sector. And in the post-Dodd Frank world, it’s more than essential—it’s critical to a firm’s reputation and very survival, executives with real estate valuations firm PCV Murcor said.
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