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  • Appetite for jumbo loans increasing as jumbo credit availability rises to 8-year high

    Overall credit availability increased slightly in June
    It was easier to get a jumbo mortgage in June than it has been in any month since 2011, according to a new report from the Mortgage Bankers Association. The report showed that the availability of jumbo mortgage credit increased for the sixth straight month, rising to its highest level since 2011.
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  • Urban Institute: It hasn’t been this easy to get a government-backed mortgage for 10 years

    Mortgage credit availability for government loans rises to highest level since 2009
    The government has made mortgage credit more readily available in the last few months than it has been at any point over the last 10 years, a new report from the Urban Institute shows. According to the report, the level of mortgage credit available for loans backed by the FHA, VA, and USDA was higher during the fourth quarter of 2018 than it was during any quarter since 2009.
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  • Urban Institute: Where have all the borrowers gone?

    A new report on the shrinking borrower pool
    A recent report from the Mortgage Bankers Association showed that mortgage credit availability is increasing, meaning it’s getting easier to get a mortgage and has been since 2011. Or so it would seem. A new report from the Urban Institute suggests that it’s actually more difficult to get a mortgage now than it was before the crisis.
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  • MBA: Mortgage credit once again loosens in December

    Marks fourth consecutive month of loosening
    The recent upward trend in mortgage credit availability didn’t let up in December, with credit now loosening for fourth months straight. Lynn Fisher, MBA’s vice president of research and economics, explains the driving forces behind the trend.
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  • Mortgage credit availability loosens in October

    Driven by increase in jumbo loans
    A growth in investment and jumbo loans pushed credit availability up even further in October, loosening credit standards. Here, the Mortgage Bankers Association’s vice president of research and economics talks about the factors that caused the increase.
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  • Credit availability loosens slightly

    MBA revises methodology to reflect new loan program types
    After several months of interest rates near record lows, but decreasing credit availability, the mortgage credit availability index finally increased in July. Why? The MBA revised its methodology to better reflect new loan programs.
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  • Record low interest rates? Ha! It's still getting harder to get a mortgage

    MBA report shows mortgage credit availability decreases again in June
    Mortgage interest rates are nearing all-time record lows and mortgage applications are up, all thanks to the Brexit, but it looks like those figures may not lead to a huge jump in actual mortgages being taken out, because it's still getting harder to get a mortgage. Here's the sobering news.
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