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  • Compass Point: Buy Ocwen now, company is ready to grow

    Financial analyst upgrades nonbank, raises price targets
    Things are looking up, just a bit, for Ocwen Financial. As a result of some recent moves, Ocwen’s stock rose over the last few months, and according to a new report from Compass Point Research & Trading, the stock is going to continue to rise and the time to buy is now.
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  • Private mortgage insurance explodes, passes FHA

    PMI grabs market share from government
    Private mortgage insurance activity rose sharply in the second quarter, grabbing the lead in market share from the Federal Housing Administration for the first time since the first quarter of 2015, according to a client note from Compass Point Research & Trading. So does that mean it's more likely that the FHA could cut premiums again this year?
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  • Is the FHA about to cut mortgage insurance premiums again?

    Compass Point analysts set odds of additional cut at 60%
    The effect of last year's FHA premium cut was widespread and significant, as the FHA’s mortgage insurance business exploded in 2015. But is the FHA about to do it again? That’s the scuttlebutt around Washington, according to analysts from Compass Point Research & Trading, and the noise surrounding another cut is apparently getting louder.
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  • Get used to the FHA mortgage insurance life-of-the-loan premium

    Head of FHA 'not considering changes'
    Despite recent calls to eliminate it, the Federal Housing Administration said it is not considering any changes to the mortgage insurance life-of-the-loan policy. However, the explicit rejection of a life-of-loan pricing policy change is a positive for the private mortgage insurance industry since the ability to cancel mortgage insurance has a direct impact on borrow decision-making.
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  • FHA reaches capital mandate and here's what's next

    Industry, legislators weigh in on FHA’s performance and future
    The Federal Housing Administration surprised some observers Monday when it announced that its Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund grew significantly in fiscal 2015, reaching its Congressionally mandated threshold of 2% well ahead of the FHA’s own projections. But what's next for the FHA? Another premium cut? Changes to its programs? The industry weighs in.
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  • Compass Point: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac will need another bailout

    It’s no longer a question of if. It's a question of when
    The disappointing third quarter results for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have many already questioning whether the current financial status of the government-sponsored enterprises is stable. New analysis from Compass Point Research & Trading suggests that it’s no longer a question of if the GSEs will need another bailout. Now, it’s simply of a question of when.
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  • Will the FHA lower mortgage insurance premiums again?

    There is a chance, but…
    The Federal Housing Administration's mid-November actuarial report is expected to provide some insight into its pricing policy options, according to a client note from Compass Point Research & Trading. But will it suggest another mortgage insurance premium reduction?
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  • How strong is the mortgage market really?

    Mixed reviews heading into the final stretch of 2015
    Heading into the fall, the health of the mortgage market in 2015 is falling in line with initial expectations at the beginning of the year and above consensus estimates. But how strong is that really?
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