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  • [Charts] Lenders tighten credit availability in second quarter

    Comes down off first-quarter peak
    Mortgage risk decreased during the second quarter this year, yet data from the Housing Finance Policy Center shows even if the default risk was doubled across all mortgage lending channels, it would still remain within the pre-crisis standard. The drop was due mainly toward a shift away from government channel loans, which are much looser than other lending channels.
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  • Obtaining a mortgage gets a little easier

    Lenders begin taking slightly more risks
    The market remains tight as lenders fear taking too many risks. Although it got slightly easier to take out a loan at the end of 2015, the mortgage market still has a ways to go, according to The Housing Finance Policy Center’s latest credit availability index.
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  • Urban Institute: 6 benefits to alternative credit scores

    Could help millions access lending
    Millions of previously “unscoreable” consumers are finally able to receive credit scores due to recent advances in alternative data and credit scoring methods. And thanks to these advances, industry experts found these significant positives for the housing market and future of lending.
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  • Urban Institute: Qualified Mortgage impact overblown

    New rules have only slightly slowed mortgage lending
    According to new analysis from the Housing Finance Policy Center team at the Urban Institute, there has been “surprisingly little impact” on the mortgage origination numbers since QM went into effect in January.
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  • Before you judge Dodd-Frank...

    Urban Institute: "Can we really calculate the cost?"
    Now four years old, Dodd-Frank is struggling to measure up to its original design. But according to the Urban Institute, before disregarding Ddd-Frank as a fail, understand that it is complex and difficult law.
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