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  • FSOC: Congress must take on housing finance reform

    Time is running out
    The Financial Stability Oversight Council, which includes the leaders of the government's top financial regulatory agencies, believes that it is time for Congress to take on housing finance reform, stating that regulators are "approaching the limits" of their ability to enact housing reforms.
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  • Will big banks sue the government for too much oversight?

    MetLife’s suit could be just the beginning
    MetLife is pushing back and suing the Financial Stability Oversight Council over its decision to designate it a non-bank systemically important financial institution. At the same time, regulators are hounding the rest of the industry, especially housing. Could this be the inspiration the rest of the industry needs to fight back?
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  • Financial Stability director: SIFI designation is not “too big to fail”

    Pinschmidt: “That’s just plain wrong”
    During the Monday keynote address at ABS East in Miami, Patrick Pinschmidt, the deputy assistant secretary and executive director of the FSOC, said that the SIFI designation is designed to bring additional oversight of nonbanks in an attempt to mitigate the impact of a nonbank’s potential failure on the country’s economy.
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  • What to expect at ABS East

    Massive securitization market conference brings thousands to Miami
    “ABS East 2014 will provide comprehensive coverage on the revival and strengthening of the US securitization market, along with what our markets should look like in the future, given the importance of securitization to the real economy,” conference organizer Information Management Network said.
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  • Treasury Secretary testifies on GSEs, nonbank MSRs and TBTF

    Hensarling: Americans are fearful of their government
    It was a raucous and heated session at the House Financial Services Committee as Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew made his annual report on the Financial Stability Oversight Council, touching on everything from GSE reform and nonbank MSRs to the IRS lost emails scandal.
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  • FSOC Issues First Annual Report on Financial Reform

    The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) has released the first annual Annual Report as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act to cover a wide range of issues in the financial and regulatory arenas. Under Dodd-Frank, the Council is required to issue a report each year that analyzes the activities of the council, significant financial market and regulatory developments, an potential emerging threats to the financial stability of the United States.  It is also expected to make recommendations to promote market discipline, maintain investor confidence and enhance the integrity, efficiency, competitiveness and stability of the financial markets. “The most important thing we
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