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  • Here are 6 ways for you to win a loan-backed bid in a sea of cash buyers

    And mend your broken heart
    [Commentary] Over the last five years, cash buyers – most of whom are out-of-state investors looking to convert homes into rental properties – have begun to disrupt the loan-dominated financing model and give families looking to buy homes a real run for their money. And most of the homes they are taking are the ideal choices for first-time homebuyers. So what options are there for buyers looking to compete against all cash buyers?
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  • Here's how low inventory impacts 3 top housing markets differently

    Not all markets created equal
    Summer, while it’s not over, is shaping up to be less than hoped for, with agents surprised at how quickly demand faded through the season. Each month, Credit Suisse surveys agents about trends in buyer traffic levels for homebuilders in the top homebuilder markets. This is how the top three performed. Hint: They’re all very different.
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  • San Fran home prices fell? Wait, what?

    Good news for the city famous for housing shortages
    Tales of people renting out boxes abound from the chronicles of San Fran's recent struggles with housing. It's so bad, the housing situation actually has its own WIKIPEDIA page. So here's the shocker: Home prices in the San Francisco Bay Area actually FELL by 1.8%. Want to know why?
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