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  • Walker & Dunlop taking on the West Coast, hires Javier Rivera to develop its investment sales platform

    Rivera will serve as senior vice president of new West Coast investment sales office
    Walker & Dunlop hired Javier Rivera as senior vice president to help lead its newly minted West Coast multifamily investment sales team. Before he signed on with Walker & Dunlop, Rivera was an executive vice president with JLL’s Capital Markets Group and built the company’s multifamily investment sales and finance business in Southern California.
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  • FHFA: Home prices continue to soar on West Coast

    Rise 0.5% nationally
    The FHFA’s latest report showed home price increases picked up the pace once again in October, especially in the Pacific region. The West Coast continues to see the highest home price increases in the country, far outpacing the national average annual increase.
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  • Black Knight home price index hits all-time high

    Seattle area once again outpaces other metros
    Home prices increased across the U.S. to a new all-time high, according to Black Knight’s Home Price Index. One state stands out above the rest as it contains five of the top six metros with the most home price acceleration in April.
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  • Hey West Coast! Your homes are worth more than you think

    Quicken Loans: West Coast bucks national trend
    Good news for folks living on the West Coast, your homes are worth more than you think. A new report from Quicken Loans found that homeowners in the West tend to think their house is worth less than what the appraisal turns up. As for the rest of the nation, they lean the other direction.
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  • Trulia: Rents go down, still too high

    Rents in some markets still increase
    Although rents decreased slightly, historically they are still high. In fact, in some hot markets rents are rising. In San Francisco, for example, over 60% of one-bedroom listings are listed more more than $3,000 per month.
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  • Good news for renters: Rents to finally flatten in 2016

    But not all markets are created equal
    Rent appreciation is finally projected to cool down in 2016, giving renters a much-needed break from what seemed to be never-ending price increases. However, a price slowdown isn’t enough to turnaround some of the outrageous costs of rent on the West Coast.
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  • Zillow: Top 10 markets to buy and sell your home now

    California takes over one list
    Now that the pace of home price appreciation is finally starting to slow, it is easier to see the truth behind which local markets favor either buyers or sellers. Zillow compiled a list of the top ten buyer and seller markets, with the West Coast dominating one list.
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