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  • Here's why small lenders should support GSE reform

    Inside thoughts from a small-to-midsize lender
    [Expert commentary] There appears to be a concerted, well-funded campaign out there spreading the myth that Congressional GSE reform is bad for small lenders. As a small-to-midsize lender myself, I promise you that this idea is false. In fact, the single biggest risk to small lenders is that Congress doesn’t act and the GSEs are allowed to recapitalize and are released from conservatorship without first being reformed.
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  • Financial Services Roundtable names new SVP of mortgage policy

    Meg Burns formerly worked at FHFA and FHA
    The Financial Services Roundtable hired Meg Burns as senior vice president of mortgage policy to bolster its housing finance reform advocacy efforts. She brings long history in the housing market to position, including working at the Federal Housing Administration and the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
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  • Financial Services Roundtable selects Ed DeMarco to serve as Housing Policy Council president

    Former Federal Housing Finance Agency acting director
    Former Federal Housing Finance Agency Acting Director Ed DeMarco joins the Financial Services Roundtable leadership team as FSR’s Housing Policy Council president. DeMarco has a long and extensive history in the housing market, which even landed him as HousingWire Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2012.
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  • Risky housing policies and the slowly inflating bubble

    Under-employed and shrinking work force big factors
    One media report quoted DeMarco as saying that in the past year we have seen a renewed policy focus on questions regarding access to credit, which, in his view can risk repeating the approach that contributed to the financial crisis. There are many other warning signs, as well.
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  • FHFA COO found not guilty of threatening Ed DeMarco

    Stood accused of threatening to shoot former FHFA acting director
    Richard Hornsby, the chief operating officer of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, was found not guilty of threatening former FHFA Acting Director Ed DeMarco. Hornsby stood accused of threatening to kidnap or injure a person after he allegedly threatened DeMarco at the FHFA’s headquarters in late April.
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  • Wells Fargo expects G-fee change next year

    Analysts predict a 10bp increase
    Wells Fargo’s analysts suggest that the FHFA may increase the G-fees by 10 basis points on average, as was announced last year, “but with less risk-based pricing than in the FHFA’s previous proposed g-fee increases.”
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  • FHFA COO arrested, charged with threatening Ed DeMarco

    Also banned from FHFA's offices
    According to court records, Hornsby was charged with one felony count on April 30 and issued a “do not assault, threaten, harass or stalk” order, preventing him from taking any further action against then acting director Ed DeMarco.
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