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  • Affordable housing advocates plan day of action

    Cities across U.S. to call for investment in communities
    Affordable housing advocates are coming together for what they’re calling a day of action. The National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies explained the nation needs to see more investment in affordable housing options, and urged Congress to reject the administration’s budget cuts.
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  • Affordable housing groups say Trump budget would be catastrophic

    Claim it takes policy in the wrong direction
    Affordable housing advocates are taking a stand against President Donald Trump’s budget proposal which includes cutting several HUD housing programs. While the Treasury and even HUD itself spoke out in favor of the new budget proposal, one affordable housing advocate insists the budget would be catastrophic.
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  • Ben Carson promises to take care of housing’s most vulnerable

    Expected budget cuts may be coming to HUD
    After President Donald Trump announced his budget proposal which would slash funding for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by $6.2 billion, HUD Secretary Ben Carson voiced his support of the action. However, Carson promised in an interview with Fox News this new funding cut would not hinder the department’s purpose, and that the most vulnerable will be taken care of.
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  • MBA: Trump’s budget shows political statement of priorities

    Not just because of funding cuts
    The Mortgage Bankers Association explained President Donald Trump’s proposed budget shows housing is not a priority for the administration. The MBA explains it’s not just the cuts to HUD that show the president’s focus. The lack of housing direction in the budget can be just as telling as the funding cuts.
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  • Ben Carson calms fears of $6B HUD budget cut

    “Starting numbers are rarely final numbers”
    President Donald Trump is considering cutting $6 billion in HUD funding for his budget in order to boost military spending. However, HUD Secretary Ben Carson sent an email out to his staff in an attempt to calm any rising concerns.
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  • Housing fears confirmed: Trump budget considers $6 billion cut to HUD funding

    And here is the industry’s response so far
    The housing market’s worst fears may soon be confirmed as the Trump administration reportedly targets HUD for budget cuts. As might be expected, the industry rallied in its opposition to the cuts, however one HUD spokesman explains these numbers are only the first proposals in a series of negotiations.
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  • AARP's Changing Stance on Social Security Cuts?

    On Friday, stories began appearing quoting AARP policy chief, John Rother stating that the powerful senior lobbying group was open to the idea of supporting cuts to Social Security in order to help influence how changes take shape.   First reported by The Wall Street Journal and later picked up by The New York Times and other media sources, the announcement was surprising considering how staunchly the organization had defended Social Security against cuts to this point. According to Rother, the reasoning for the changing position was due to the fact that it appeared that change to entitlement programs
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  • AARP Continues Defense of Entitlement Programs

    Continuing their public defense against cuts to entitlement programs, Social Security and Medicare, AARP CEO A. Barry Rand released a statement in response to the first meeting of Vice President Biden's Deficit Reduction Group.  He called on the members of the group not to subject these programs to arbitrary cuts in the efforts to address fiscal challenges.   The statement follows two announcements Thursday that launched a new advertising campaign and testimony to the Financial Services Committee's hearings on the budget to support the entitlement programs.  Included in the previous announcement was the video of the new commercial set
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