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  • Early stage delinquencies begin to see uptick in December

    But serious delinquencies decrease
    The overall delinquency rate remained unchanged in December as early stage delinquencies increase by serious delinquencies fell, CoreLogic’s latest report showed. And despite some setbacks, December’s foreclosure inventory rate was the lowest for that month in 11 years – since 2006.
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  • CoreLogic: Mortgage delinquencies continue falling in June

    Rising home prices pressure delinquency rates
    Mortgage delinquency rates continued to slip in June, and the foreclosure inventory rate fell to its lowest level since mid-2007. CoreLogic explained its Home Price Index increased 6% and payroll employment grew by 2.2 million jobs in the year ending June 2017, supporting further declines in delinquency rates.
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  • Completed foreclosures drop 40% in December

    Homes in serious delinquency fall to lowest level since 2007
    Foreclosures decreased substantially at the end of 2016, as completed foreclosures sank 40% and foreclosure inventory dropped 30%. In fact, homes in serious delinquency dipped to its lowest level since 2007. CoreLogic’s president and CEO talks about what turn foreclosure trends will take in 2017.
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  • Foreclosure inventory declines another 30%

    Hovers slightly above pre-crisis levels
    Foreclosures dropped once again by 30% for the year ending in November 2016, according to CoreLogic’s new report. Now, foreclosure numbers are hovering slightly above pre-crisis numbers. In fact, the number of homes in serious delinquency hit the lowest point since 2007.
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  • CoreLogic: Completed foreclosures reverse trend, increase

    But foreclosure inventory decreases
    Foreclosures increased slightly from last month, but continue to decrease annually. And while the number of homes lost to foreclosure is up, there are no new homes moving into foreclosure to take their place. Foreclosure inventory continues to decrease both monthly and yearly.
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