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  • Trulia: Rent prices jumped 3.1% in 2017

    Higher increases seen in hot housing markets
    Does it feel like the rent is too damn high? That’s because, according to Trulia, it is. Trulia’s latest rental analysis shows median rent increased 3.1% in 2017 with much higher increases experienced in four major metro areas.
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  • Rental population decreases for first time since 2004

    But rent prices surge in 2017
    After steadily climbing for the past 13 years, the population of renters decreased for the first time since 2004. Although the number of renters declined slightly in 2017, they continue to hold a significant claim on the market as renting now far outpaces ownership.
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  • Rents in top 10 most expensive cities cooling off

    National average sees lowest growth rate in 3 years
    The most expensive rental markets seem to be cooling down after a long period of incessant rent increases. A new blog from Rent Café shows six of the top 10 most expensive rental markets saw annual declines in rent prices in May. One of the nation’s most expensive cities even saw its fourth consecutive month as the city with the highest annual decline in rent prices.
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  • Trulia: Rents go down, still too high

    Rents in some markets still increase
    Although rents decreased slightly, historically they are still high. In fact, in some hot markets rents are rising. In San Francisco, for example, over 60% of one-bedroom listings are listed more more than $3,000 per month.
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  • Congrats! Move here after you graduate college

    Put all your hard-earned $$$ to good use
    Yes! You graduated! But now what? Trulia teamed up with LinkedIn to find out the top metropolitan areas for young college graduates. In the report, Trulia compares median income to median rental estimates, and combines this with job availability ratings from LinkedIn and what percent of the population is also young college graduates. Here’s where they think you should live, and why.
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