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  • The Sky Did Not Fall When the Fed Left the MBS Market

    I love to be wrong in public. For one thing, getting it wrong in public gives pride and ego that little jolt that helps keep one’s mind open and intuition supple. And for another, if I’m wrong with one gloomy-doom-y prognostication, perhaps any of the other looming mishaps I’ve anticipated, like years of sideways home prices, or privately fear, like a premature and hostile resolution of the GSEs, will not come to pass either. Looked at like this, being wrong on the wide and well-lit stages of HousingWire is a genuine comfort.
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  • Eyes and Ears Peeled for GSE Buyout Surge

    Pass-through investors are sitting on the edge of their chairs wondering how aggressively the GSEs are going to buy delinquent loans out of portfolio. Along with the potential for spread widening when the Fed retires its MBS purchase program, this is the main relative value consideration for agency MBS investors.
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  • Reviving Repo Financing - Another Milestone on the Trudge Back to Normal

    Repo was a key source of funding for leveraged investors in private MBS and a host of other "rates" products before disaster struck capital markets. That it dried up with the crisis helped drive the prices of subprime MBS and other structured products to levels well below "intrinsic" value. Now, there are signs that repo financing is reviving, improving 2010 prospects for private MBS markets. First, a Little Background
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  • FDIC OKs Delay of FAS 166, 167 Effect on Capital

    The board of directors at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Wednesday finalized a new capital rule that addresses industry concerns raised by Financial Accounting Standards (FAS) 166 and 167. FAS 166 and 167, which take effect in January, will require financial institutions to bring certain securitized assets onto balance sheets.
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  • Regulators Propose Accounting Changes as 'Problem' Banks Grow

    Bank regulators on Wednesday issued a proposal on new accounting standards that would address the alignment of regulatory capital requirements with the actual risks of certain exposures, including securitized assets. The Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued the proposal on the standards, which would subject affected banking organizations to higher minimum capital requirements beginning in 2010.
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  • ABA Raises Concerns on FASB, IASB Accountancy Changes

    Major accountancy changes and overhauls may take several years to implement across wide markets due to the complex nature of the instruments affected. Therefore, financial accounting boards in markets across the globe are taking the opportunity to begin revising rules in the midst of a lull in the securitization markets.
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