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  • Zillow: We use the best fraud prevention system available

    Who do you believe?
    After some real estate agents complained about receiving phishing emails instead of leads from Zillow, the company responded by saying not only does it do everything it can to prevent these scam emails from going through, but it has one of the best filters in the industry. Zillow argues that scammers are only an occasional occurrence.
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  • Is Zillow's lead generator filled with scammers and spammers?

    Users complain real estate ad service poorly filters potential fraud
    Zillow thrives on advertising dollars from real estate agents who are looking to get more leads from homebuyers and sellers. A new discovery, however, suggests that the online real estate listing service may be vulnerable to scammers and spammers. Here's what HousingWire found.
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  • HUD watchdog warns of scammers offering phony housing grants

    Scheme offers HUD grant money in exchange for upfront fee
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development's watchdog is warning consumers to be on the lookout for a scam that promises HUD grant money in exchange for an upfront fee. In each case, the “HUD representative” asks the consumers for an upfront fee in order to process and secure a “HUD grant” for tens of thousands of dollars, but there is no grant money to be had.
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