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  • The fully digital mortgage has truly arrived as use of eNotes skyrockets by nearly 5,000%

    eNotes registered on MERS system increases substantially in first quarter
    For the last few years, there’s been a revolution underway in the mortgage business, as the industry moved closer to a fully digital mortgage, but new data suggests that the digital mortgage is becoming an industry-wide reality. A new report shows that the use of eNotes exploded in the first quarter of 2019, rising nearly 5,000% over last year.
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  • Wells Fargo to begin buying eNotes

    Digital mortgage revolution takes big step forward
    Wells Fargo, which began accepting digital mortgage applications earlier this year, is about to take an even bigger step into digital mortgages, as the megabank announced Monday morning that it is going to begin buying eNotes (electronic promissory notes). To facilitate this expansion of its mortgage business, Wells Fargo is partnering with eOriginal, a digital solution provider for the mortgage industry and a HousingWire Magazine Tech100 winner in 2018.
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  • Deciphering eJargon: Moving past the buzzwords

    Strategically understanding the world of “e”
    [Expert commentary] When it comes to understanding the jargon and buzz that surround the world of digital transformation, the world of “e” can certainly seem like learning a new language. Here is a primer for moving past the confusing buzzwords and terminology associated with the digital transformation – and how to take action.
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  • Mid America Mortgage to correspondent lenders: We'll buy your eNotes

    Recent survey showed dearth of willing investors in digital mortgages
    A recent survey conducted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac showed that one of the obstacles preventing the mortgage industry from going fully digital is a lack of investors willing to buy digitally created mortgages. But now, there’s one more investor willing to buy a digital mortgage note.
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  • Underused eMortgages are part of the solution: SigniaDocs

    When I began my eMortgage presentation at the Mortgage Bankers Association technology convention last month in Hollywood, Fla., I told the audience that many of us who have been working in the eMortgage world have been predicting since 2001 that we expected mainstream adoption in three to five years. The kicker is that it still may be true after 10 years – mainstream adoption still seems to be several years away.
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  • Another hurdle on the way to the eMortgage

    Will foreclosure-gate set the eMortgage back another decade or more? When I was writing a lot about the coming of eMortgage, back five years ago or more, I had to end many of my stories with, “but some still worry that the legitimacy of the eNote has yet to be tested in court.” It seems possible that we won't have to wait much longer for that technicality to work itself out. An eMortgage is an electronic mortgage where the loan documentation is created, executed, transferred and stored electronically.
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  • eMortgage Provider Touts PDF Capabilities

    Document Processing Systems, Inc., a Novi, Mich.-based provider of mortgage technology solutions, sadi Wednesday that users of its DPS eMortgage Studio will now have the ability to fully sign, close, and register eNotes using the just-released MISMO eSigned PDF Guidelines v1.0 and the draft MERS eRegistry PDF Guidelines. Using the DPS eMortgage Studio, lenders and title companies will have a choice between using the industry-specific SMART Docs format or Adobe's universal PDF file format for electronic loan documentation. The PDF format is widely considered the de facto standard by which to preserve the exact look of a document in a device-independent manner.
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