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  • The Zillow-Trulia integration just took a giant step forward

    Sharing of rental data provides a preview of Zillow Group future
    Ever since the merger of Zillow and Trulia was first announced, industry observers have wondered how Zillow and Trulia would integrate their operations. Will Zillow listings be shown on Trulia and vice versa? Well, anyone who was wondering how the creation of the Zillow Group would impact the two sites is about to get a big preview of the future.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Room to boom

    Single family rentals take the next step
    Traditionally, single-family rentals has been a stable, albeit fragmented part of the U.S. housing market, primarily led by small-to-mid-size local operators. But the success of the institutional investor over recent months has opened the capital markets door to small-to-mid-size players.
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  • Remind me again what the "R" in "RMBS" stands for

    Maybe it should be "rental"
    The homeownership rate has fallen recently and all the panelists agreed that it seemed unlikely to return to its prior peak any time soon. The only question is: over time will the "R" in RMBS stand for Rental instead of Residential?
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  • From HW Magazine

    SFR so good

    The REO-to-rental evolution is just beginning
    Some industry observers have been predicting the demise of this market since Blackstone, the largest purchaser of single-family rental homes, announced plans to slow down its acquisition volume earlier this year. But the data paints a very different picture.
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  • Obama administration reveals plan to jump-start housing

    Extends HAMP to 2016, announces measures to attract private capital
    Citing the lack of private capital in the market, the dearth of affordable rental options and the abundance of Americans who are facing foreclosure or are underwater on their mortgages, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced three new plans to boost housing in the U.S.
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