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  • NexBank raises $20 million to fund growth

    Company offers mortgage banking, commercial banking, institutional services
    NexBank Capital, a Dallas-based financial services company, announced this week that it recently completed a $20 million common equity capital raise. According to details provided by the company, the capital will be used for “general corporate purposes,” although John Holt, NexBank Capital’s president and CEO, said that the money will be used to fund the company’ growth.
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  • Redefining ARM loans

    They're not as risky as the market presumes
    Once thought of as risky and unsafe, adjustable rate mortgages are not as toxic as borrowers assumed in recent years. In fact, the industry is starting to shift toward ARMs as interest rates rise.
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  • Lenders adapt to shutdown

    Create temporary policies to process loans
    With the government still shut down, lenders are creating temporary policies in order to keep the loan process moving along.
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  • MBA calls for government shutdown to end

    Lenders plug away as processing delays surface
    Lenders are easing into day four of the government shutdown, but how many more days can they withstand? Loan applications continue to be delayed with HUD, the IRS and the Social Security Administration unable to perform the same functions — or doing so at a slower pace.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Return of the correspondent lender

    An uneven road lies ahead -- but at least there's a road to begin with
    Gabe Medrano just started as the go-to guy for the correspondent lending division at NexBank, and already he is seeing something he doesn't like. In front of him early on a Thursday morning, on his computer monitor, the Dow Jones Industrial Average...
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