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  • Californian exodus? Kind of

    Californians are leaving the most expensive markets, but non-Californians are still dreaming
    Californians are leaving California, but the promise of the golden coast is still enticing outsiders to chance the high prices. Trulia's new data breaks down the ins and outs of the mythical Californian exodus.
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  • Despite inventory shortage, existing home sales surge in California

    Median home price jumps to highest level since August 2007
    For two years now, California has dealt with extremely low housing inventory, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better any time soon. According to the latest report from the California Association of Realtors, existing home sales in California took off in June to their highest pace in nearly four years. But the increase in sales, coupled with the double-digit decline in active listings, now means June’s available housing supply is even lower.
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  • United Shore to pay $1.4 million for allegedly overcharging California borrowers

    CEO Mat Ishbia: We didn't benefit one penny and not one borrower was harmed
    United Shore Financial Services, the parent company of United Wholesale Mortgage, will pay $1.4 million as part of a settlement with the California Department of Business Oversight, which accused the lender of overcharging “thousands” of borrowers for interest on their mortgages. But the company's CEO says that the fine is for a long-fixed problem and that the company didn't benefit at all from the alleged overcharging.
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  • California home sales start 2017 on a strong note

    Median sales price drops below $500,000 for first time since March 2016
    While winter usually means a decline in home sales, California just saw its first increase in home sales between December and January since 2012, a sign that the Golden State could be in for a strong housing year.
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  • California home sales flat in August

    "Flat is the new black"
    California home sales wrapped up the summer on a low note, but the news doesn’t come as much of a surprise, Madeline Schnapp, director of Economic Research for PropertyRadar, said in the latest report. Schnapp explained this report similarly to how she unraveled the July report. They key to understanding is in the details.
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  • No, California's housing market didn’t fall "off a cliff" in July

    The silver lining in the state's housing market
    At first look, it appears California’s housing market in July significantly struggled, with single-family homes and condominiums falling a whopping 10.4% for the month. But PropertyRadar dug a little deeper into the data, finding that while sales did decline, it wasn’t as bad as first expected.
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  • California home sales explode in June

    Post first double-digit monthly growth since 2011
    The Golden State experienced a very good month for real estate in June, as California existing home sales hit a nearly four-year high, according to a new report from the California Association of Realtors. But it's not all good news. Here's the full story.
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  • California AG backs expansion of Homeowners' Bill of Rights

    Throws support behind bill that would help widowed spouses keep their homes
    California Attorney General Kamala Harris is throwing her support behind a bill that expand the state’s Homeowners’ Bill of Rights to include a provision designed to help widowed spouses and children stay in their homes after the primary mortgage holder passes away.
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