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  • Bank of America says existing home sales have peaked

    BofA economists say the housing market is in neutral thanks to declining affordability
    Economists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch are waiving the white flag: The largest segment of the housing market has peaked. According to a research note released on Friday, the research team led by Michelle Meyer said: “We are calling it. Existing home sales have peaked.”
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  • Would you spend $1M on a rock?

    A boulder in San Francisco just sold for an astonishing price
    What’s the most expensive rock you’ve ever bought? Perhaps the one on your significant other’s ring finger? If you think that was expensive, take a look at this boulder about to sell for nearly $1 million in San Francisco.
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  • The real reason the Fed is going to begin tapering

    The Fed said it would not taper mortgage-backed securities or Treasury purchases until economic data supported such a decision. But with the Fed expected to green light a carve down in asset purchases this week, the market sees other motivations at the central bank.
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