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  • The silver lining of the housing mess

    Housing sucks. We get it. But the ongoing correction in the U.S. housing market is doing the one thing that market pundits have suggested for years was needed: making homes more affordable. Via the WSJ's James Hagerty on Thursday: And now for the heartwarming side of the housing bust: It's helping some people buy homes that they couldn't afford a couple of years ago.
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Oct. 5

    It's certainly been an interesting week - there's a word used as a descriptor for those times when an entire industry decides to take its lumps in one quarter, in the hopes that will purge the bad once and for all. The word is escaping my usually quick mind as I write this, but that's clearly what's been taking place this week. Here's a look at some commentary and news from across the Web as we head into the weekend, so feel free to jump off wherever you feel like it:
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  • WaMu Lays Off 120, Closes Loan Fulfillment Center

    A syndicated story from the Easy Bay Business Times relays that Washington Mutual is closing its Dublin, Calif.-based loan fulfillment center in the SF Bay Area. The closure will cost 120 employees their jobs, with the company saying it will transfer loan processing to its Anaheim, Calif. center. The layoffs were previously announced, and are part of larger job losses at the Seattle-based bank:
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  • Commentary: More Subprime Layoffs

    First NLC tightening its belt: First NLC, a Friedman Billings, Ramsey Group-owned lender and one of the nation's 25 largest in the subprime market, is shedding staff in response to the recent downturn in the subprime market....not that layoffs at subprime lenders are, in and of themselves, news these days. The company said in a press statement late Friday that it will be closing of a number of its wholesale operations centers, consolidating operations into its facilities at Deerfield Beach, Florida and Anaheim, California.
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