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  • Treasury: Gut CFPB, overhaul residential mortgage lending regulation

    Here's what the Executive Branch can execute in the financial market
    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin unveiled the much-anticipated report on the department's assessment of the financial regulatory system as ordered by President Donald Trump earlier this year. The 150-page report breaks down where the new administration wants to see major changes. So what are the big areas of focus? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and residential mortgage lending, to start.
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  • House will hold off on Dodd-Frank overhaul vote

    Priorities shift as house takes longer on health care
    Trump’s administration continues to proclaim their dedication to financial reform and even an overhaul of the Dodd-Frank Act, but that reform will have to wait. As health care reform takes longer than expected, members of Congress gave insight as to when they think the House will vote on a Dodd-Frank overhaul.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: An "inside" look at Gary Cohn's role in Trump administration

    New York papers run competing profiles of former Goldman Sachs exec
    Two of New York's biggest newspapers happened to publish competing (and somewhat similar) articles over the weekend that delve into the growing role within the Trump administration of Gary Cohn, the White House National Economic Council Director and a former top executive at Goldman Sachs. So what is Cohn's role? The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are happy to tell you more.
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  • KBRA: This should be the focus of Trump's regulatory reform

    End practice of holding capital as "panacea" for preventing crisis
    President Donald Trump held to another one of his campaign promises last week, when he signed an executive order that is expected to begin the process of revamping (or replacing) the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. The specific details of the Trump administration’s plan for financial reform were not contained in the executive order, but what should the Republican-led regulatory reform efforts focus on?
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  • Mixed reactions to Trump's push for Dodd-Frank overhaul

    Unsurprisingly, of course…
    As one might expect, the reactions to President Donald Trump’s initiation of the overhaul of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act came in fast and furious after Trump signed an executive order on Friday that calls for the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury to begin reviewing Dodd-Frank. And unsurprisingly, those reactions varied wildly.
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  • Trump signs executive order to overhaul Dodd-Frank

    Directs Treasury Secretary to review financial laws
    As expected, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that begins to roll back the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, the landmark legislation passed in wake of the financial crisis. “We’re signing new rules for regulating the U.S. financial system. It doesn’t get much bigger than that, right?,” Trump said just before signing the executive order.
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  • Trump moving forward with Dodd-Frank rollback plans

    Expected to sign executive order today requiring review of financial laws
    President Donald Trump is expected to move forward with his plans to roll back the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act by signing an executive order requiring a review of the comprehensive set of financial laws enacted after the crisis. According to Gary Cohn, a former top exec at Goldman Sachs and the White House National Economic Council Director, the move is the first of many designed to overhaul Dodd-Frank.
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  • Pence, Hensarling: Dismantling Dodd-Frank remains a high priority

    Top Republicans keep crosshairs trained on financial reforms
    It’s been a busy first week in office for President Donald Trump, with executive orders on immigration, energy, trade, health care and more being handed down daily. But executive orders are just the preamble to the big initiatives that Trump and the Republican majority in Congress are expected to push for shortly. Chief among those is the “dismantling” of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.
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  • Congress set to consider Republican plan to abolish Dodd-Frank

    House Financial Services Committee will debate Financial CHOICE Act next week
    House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-TX made waves earlier this year when he announced a Republican-crafted plan to repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and replace it with a “pro-growth, pro-consumer” alternative. Now, the Financial CHOICE Act is about take one step closer to becoming reality.
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  • Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren both blast Republican Dodd-Frank repeal plan

    Warren: Republican plan is a "wet kiss for Wall Street"
    Considering how many times House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-TX, blamed "the Left" for the consequences of the Dodd-Frank Wall Act during his speech announcing a Republican-crafted plan to repeal Dodd-Frank, it was highly likely that those on "the Left" would be quick to condemn Hensarling’s plan. And two of the top names in the Democratic party didn't disappoint.
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