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  • MBA Tech: New privacy laws pose looming threat to lenders

    GDPR and CCPA are just the beginning of international and state regulation
    For mortgage companies struggling with compressed margins, complying with consumer protection laws is a constant high-wire act. In this precarious environment, privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA represent a looming threat that could knock small and regional lenders right off the tightrope. Four experts tackled the subject of emerging privacy laws at the Mortgage Bankers Association Tech Conference and the consensus — from the stage and from the room — was that there are no easy answers.
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  • Sandler Law Group buys out McGlinchey Stafford & Youngblood and Associates

    Sandler bought the firm to expand its offerings under Tech100 winner Asurity Technologies
    Sandler Law Group, a Texas-based firm that specializes in residential mortgages and owner of Tech100 winner Asurity Technologies, acquired the business operations of McGlinchey Stafford & Youngblood and Associates, a closing and fulfillment services provider for the mortgage the lending industry.
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  • HousingWire launches exclusive 5-part regtech podcast series

    Regtech Report brought to you by ComplianceEase
    HousingWire and ComplianceEase are teaming up to launch the weekly series in mid-August and will cover topics, such as artificial intelligence, big data and compliance, compliance, compliance. So keep an eye out, we’ll announce each new episode in our email alerts, and thanks for listening!
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  • From HW Magazine

    What's next in mortgage compliance?

    It's not just fintech - it's regtech
    The goal over the past few years has been to move compliance from a manual to an automated process, and more specifically moving from the post-close sampling process to the point of origination process. But, as we’ve discussed, the level of automation has been relatively basic, and more focused on preventing errors than taking friction and delays out of the underwriting and review processes.
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  • Mastered the CFPB's 900-page mortgage-servicing rule yet?

    You’ll be tested on it in a year
    Servicers have roughly a year to study and master the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s mortgage servicing rule. Luckily, HousingWire is bringing together two industry experts for an exclusive Q&A webinar to make sure you have all the information. Don’t miss out.
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  • Transparency: The ultimate tool for risk mitigation

    Going beyond scorecards
    Lenders bulked up their vendor management and vetting programs in recent years, mindful of the fact that the CFPB will hold them accountable for the actions (or misdeeds) of their service providers. But while scorecards and financial audits are great, are you sure your service providers are staying the course when it comes to quality and compliance?
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  • What’s the exact cost of compliance on mortgage originations?

    While it’s not definitive, here's what we know
    It’s not as simple as saying the new compliance rules cost the industry “x” amount of dollars in expenses. However, executives at the Mortgage Bankers Association did give some insight on what factors lenders can use to figure out just how much these compliance rules will dent their profits.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Automating your future

    Rethinking a labor-based solution to TRID compliance
    It is imperative for lenders to examine their entire mortgage operations to see what can be done to save time and satisfy compliance requirements, all while reducing total loan-production costs. To do this, lenders need to turn to technology to automate key steps in the loan production cycle, from loan onboarding to TRID tolerance checks and post-close compliance.
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  • Judge tosses two shareholder lawsuits against Ocwen Financial

    Investors alleged false claims about compliance, business practices
    Ocwen Financial Corp. on Friday won the dismissal of two securities class actions that arose from alleged compliance issues related to servicer agreeing to a $150 million settlement in 2014, and now shares of the company are trading higher. Read on.
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