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  • More signs of a sliding housing market

    Affordability has issues, too
    Affordability issues; looming interest rate hikes as have been predicted by Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen; too many FHA loans being made (this is the “new” sub-prime market); federal emphasis being placed on low-income borrowers, and other factors are causing house prices to decline once again in many markets.
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  • More proof housing is headed for a fall

    Dismal market can't be blamed on weather
    With over 7 million Americans working in part-time positions rather than the full-time jobs they would prefer having, and with so many millions more dropping out of the workforce altogether, the case is made… again, that our economic outlook is not rosy as we sloth through the remainder of 2014.
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  • Is mortgage lending at a turning point?

    Capital Economics drills deep, says yes

    In what looks at first like the longest and most optimistic reach for finding good news in all the bad data, Capital Economics posits the idea that rising house prices are increasing the ability of many households to meet minimum deposit criteria. But on second look they may be on to something, and this isn’t just the usual sunny-side up analysis.

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  • Here’s why ADP’s optimistic May jobs report is troubling

    Stagnation level job creation may be worse than reported
    Job creation didn’t come to a standstill in the first quarter despite the fact that the economy shrank by 1%, but the ADP forecast for May job creation is troubling. Despite all the “pent-up demand” traditional pundits have been crowing about, May’s numbers are seriously weak, and that’s coming from an optimistic report.
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