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  • Former Treasury official David Dworkin joins National Housing Conference as CEO

    Most recently served as a senior housing policy advisor at Treasury
    The National Housing Conference, a nonprofit fair housing advocate, announced this week it hired David Dworkin to serve as the organization’s new president and CEO. Dworkin comes to NHC from the Department of the Treasury, where he most recently served as a senior housing policy advisor in the Office of Domestic Finance.
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  • Treasury calls for HUD to “reconsider” use of disparate impact rule

    Third financial reform report questions rule’s effect on insurance industry
    The Department of the Treasury released its third of four reports that call for sweeping financial reform. The reports come at the direction of President Donald Trump, who signed an executive order in February directing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to examine the nation’s financial laws. The report focuses on asset management and insurance, and while most of the report deals with issues outside of housing, there is one piece that touches on an item of note for the housing industry – disparate impact.
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  • Treasury: Gut CFPB, overhaul residential mortgage lending regulation

    Here's what the Executive Branch can execute in the financial market
    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin unveiled the much-anticipated report on the department's assessment of the financial regulatory system as ordered by President Donald Trump earlier this year. The 150-page report breaks down where the new administration wants to see major changes. So what are the big areas of focus? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and residential mortgage lending, to start.
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  • Banks petition Mnuchin for help in fighting new loan rule

    Say it could make borrowing more expensive
    A new rule from the Financial Accounting Standards Board is set to take effect in 2019, but some regional banks are fighting back. In fact, they even sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, asking him to review the rule and explaining it could make borrowing more expensive.
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  • Mnuchin declares support for Republican Dodd-Frank replacement

    Mnuchin: The existing regulatory system is limiting our economy
    The Financial CHOICE Act, the Republican-crafted replacement for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, took its first official steps towards becoming law on Wednesday. And as the bill moves through the legislative process, it will do so with the support of Steven Mnuchin, the secretary of the Department of the Treasury.
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  • Trump aide, top Republican staffers, BlackRock exec among Mnuchin's top staff at Treasury

    Treasury announces Secretary's senior staff
    A former top aide to the campaign of President Donald Trump, two top Republican staffers, and a former executive at BlackRock will serve as the senior staff to Steven Mnuchin, the Department of the Treasury announced Friday. The four staffers will serve as key advisors on areas ranging from the federal budget, to tax reform, legislative issues, domestic finance, housing finance policy, and regulatory reform.
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  • U.S. to continue investigating money laundering by foreign real estate buyers

    Title companies required to reveal identities of high-end cash buyers
    The federal government will continue investigating whether foreign buyers are using high-end U.S. real estate to launder money after an expanded investigation found that potentially illicit activity is behind as many as one in three cash purchases from foreign buyers in select markets.
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  • Mixed reaction to Mnuchin officially taking over as Treasury Secretary

    Republicans pleased, Democrats not so much
    Considering the contentious nature of the confirmation process, it’s not a surprise that reaction to Steven Mnuchin officially being sworn in as the next Secretary of the Department of the Treasury varied wildly. As you might expect, Republicans celebrated Mnuchin’s confirmation, while Democrats decried it.
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