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  • This is how much you need to earn to live in America's most expensive cities

    Here's how much cash you need to pull in to live in the priciest U.S. markets
    The most expensive cities to live in are – you guessed it – in California. But how much, exactly, do you have to make in order to afford to live there? A recent study by revealed the least and most affordable U.S. cities and what salary you’d need to pull in to live there, and this is what it found.
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  • First-time homebuyers are not being shut out of the housing market

    New York Fed sets the record straight
    Several housing market analysts have expressed concern that a lack of affordability has shut first-time homebuyers out of the market. But the trouble is, there hasn’t been a great measure of how many first-time buyers are actually purchasing homes. Until now. A recent paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York set out to create a more accurate picture, and the results may surprise you.
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  • Good news homebuyers, there are more homes for sale

    In January, inventory increases at the fastest rate in nearly four years
    In January, the number of homes newly listed for sale rose 4.4% from the previous year, pushing inventory up 6.3%, according to new data from Redfin. Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather said things are looking good for buyers in 2019, as the supply of homes for sale is increasing at the fastest rate in nearly four years.
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  • California to build tiny home community for homeless wildfire victims

    Funding for community relies solely on the kindness of donations
    When plans for the creation of a tiny home community for the homeless located in Chico, California, were unveiled, many city council members voiced their disdain and indifference. However, the devastation from 2018's Camp Fire has swayed these opinions, and this tiny home community is now set to house victims of Butte County's fire.
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  • Only half of houses for sale are affordable for the average buyer

    Housing affordability remains at a 10-year low
    Housing affordability continues to hover near a 10-year low, and the National Association of Home Builders is urging policymakers to do something about it. Of the homes sold in Q4, just 56.6% were affordable for those earning the country's median income of $71,900. "Historically, housing has been the canary in the coal mine, and these ongoing affordability woes should serve as a wake-up call to policymakers to take immediate action," said NAHB Chairman Randy Noel.
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  • CoreLogic: Home prices will rise in 2019

    American home prices to rise by almost 5% come September 2019
    In 2018, the principal-and-interest mortgage payment on the median-priced home climbed by more than 16%, according to the latest data from CoreLogic. The company reports that although the median home price rose by less than 6% over the past year, prospective buyers are in for a rude awakening come 2019.
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  • Zillow: Housing inventory slowly increasing

    But median U.S. home value climbs 7.7%
    In November, the number of homes on the market inched forward just 0.4% year-over-year, marking the third consecutive month of modest gains, according to Zillow. However, inventory fell in 11 of the nation’s 35 largest metros, declining the furthest in Kansas City, Missouri.
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  • Zumper: The American dream of homeownership fades

    33% of survey respondents no longer think the American dream involves homeownership
    This year, navigating the landscape of American housing has proved to be rocky for both renters and homeowners. As 2018 comes to an end, Zumper, a rental listing site, has revealed for many Americans, the dream of homeownership is fading. Here's why.
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  • These will be the top 5 housing markets in 2019

    Demand for inland markets predicted to surpass coastal cities
    While coastal tech hubs have been home to some of the hottest real estate markets in recent years, Trulia expects that affordable inland cities will reign all in 2019. According to Trulia's data, these are the markets to watch next year.
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