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  • Senate passes flood insurance reform at 11th hour

    Housing industry continues to push for long-term solution
    Tuesday, the day the current National Flood Insurance Program was set to expire, the Senate passed yet another short-term extension of the program. But while the housing industry is pleased Congress did not let the current program expire, it also emphasized the need to create a long-term solution.
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  • Credit unions sue Equifax over massive data breach

    Want to recover anticipated costs of breach
    The number of battlefronts where Equifax will be forced to fight back in the wake of its massive data breach just grew, again. Now, the Credit Union National Association, a trade group that represents credit unions, is joining Massachusetts, San Francisco and Chicago in suing Equifax, on behalf of its members.
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  • Dear CFPB, here's the reality of how regulations impact credit unions

    CUNA: Regulatory burdens caused $6.1 billion in regulatory costs
    Putting an end to remarks from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that its regulations are helping credit unions, the Credit Union National Association published a detailed report that outlines exactly how the new rules have suffocated growth. CFPB Director Richard Cordray has commonly gone on record to denounce doomsayers who say that new regulations are killing credit unions. To CUNA, this letter should serve as a clear example that the CFPB is wrong.
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  • CFPB to financial industry: Wake up and smell the coffee, we are not your enemy

    Director Cordray calls out lawyers and consultants for breeding 'culture of fear'
    Despite how it may be perceived, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau doesn’t view itself as an "enemy" of the financial industry, nor does it want the industry to view it in that way. Rather, the CFPB wants the financial industry to think of it as "an important new friend and ally" in helping to serve the financial needs of the public, CFPB Director Richard Cordray said.
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  • CUNA discovers discrepancy in CFPB’s TRID rule, seeks answers

    Asks bureau to clarify and exempt smaller volume credit unions
    The Credit Union National Association asked the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to clarify a discrepancy and to exempt credit unions that make five or fewer mortgages in a calendar year from the Know Before You Owe rule. Want to know more?
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