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  • Nationwide Biweekly claims CFPB suit contains multiple errors

    “We are puzzled by the CFPB’s allegations”
    Nationwide Biweekly Administration, which stands accused by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of misrepresenting the savings that customers will achieve by using the company’s biweekly mortgage payment program, has responded to the CFPB’s charges, saying the regulator's lawsuit is full of errors.
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  • CFPB sues Nationwide Biweekly for deceptive mortgage practices

    Accused of misrepresenting savings potential
    Nationwide Biweekly processes mortgage payments from homeowners to servicers. Now, the CFPB alleges most consumers who enroll in its "Interest Minimizer" program send halved mortgage payments every two weeks, instead of twice per month. That equals two extra, unnecessary mortgage payments a year. And, looking at the CFPB charges, it only gets worse.
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  • Mortgage transmitter charged

    Nationwide Biweekly Administration faces restitution fees
    The Nationwide Biweekly Administration is facing charges for allegedly misleading consumers about the firm's ability to pay off their mortgages and for failing to have the appropriate licensing.
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