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  • Same rent, different day: Multifamily mighty at midway point in 2018

    Freddie Mac predicts strength in the multifamily market with moderate corrections to continue
    It looks the multifamily housing market is going to continue its strong performance with continued gradual correction, according to Freddie Mac, which just released its mid-year multifamily outlook. Same rent, different day. Rent growth remains healthy at the national level as continued demand keeps multifamily afloat.
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  • WhyHotel and the changing nature of short-term rentals

    WhyHotel Co-founder and CEO Jason Fudin dishes on the future of CRE and why WhyHotel is here to stay
    Alternative hospitality startup WhyHotel Co-Founder and CEO Jason Fudin spoke with HousingWire and gave us an inside look at his company, strategy and what’s on the horizon for the young company.
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  • Yardi: Apartment deliveries continue to slow

    New data reveals that deliveries are slowing way down
    New data from Yardi reveals that apartment deliveries are continuing to decline nationally. By the end of 2018, 283,000 new apartments are expected to be delivered. This is an 11% decrease from last year when new unit construction reached its peak at 317,872 units delivered.
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  • Is the end of parking nigh upon us?

    1:1 parking ratio is a critical element of multifamily developments now, but that might be changing
    As urban renters eschew car ownership and cities densify, will investors become comfortable with the idea of easing up on the 1:1 parking ratio? The stage is set for parkingless developments to become a thing, only time will tell if and when investors will respond.
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  • Yardi: Strong fundamentals will make multifamily weather headwinds

    Healthy economy, demographic trends and investor preference will help weather end of this cycle
    A new report from Yardi indicates that though there are headwinds slowing the multifamily market, strong fundamentals will keep the plane cruising at altitude. Demographic trends, a healthy economy and investor preference will keep the multifamily market humming along as the cycle winds down.
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  • Faith in multifamily still strong despite month-over-month drop in permits

    Confidence in long-term fundamentals remains strong
    According to U.S. Census and HUD data, multifamily permits dropped 8.7% from April to May, and though that may sound like a significant drop, experts say the multifamily train is still rolling and that the nation is on track to complete 350,000 plus units by year’s end. And that's a good thing.
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  • How much are government regulations costing multifamily developers? Hint: A lot

    New study shows the impact of regulations on the multifamily industry
    Despite the Trump administration's ongoing regulatory rollback, government regulations still make up a healthy chunk of the cost of multifamily building, according to a newly released study from the National Association of Home Builders and the National Multifamily Housing Council. How much exactly? Well, you'll have to click to find out.
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