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  • Ginnie Mae hits loanDepot with VA mortgage restrictions

    Ginnie's crackdown on loan churning continues
    Beginning February 1, loanDepot will be restricted from including its Department of Veterans Affairs single-family loans in the Ginnie Mae guarantee pools. The action comes as part of Ginnie Mae's continuing effort to control loan churning among VA loans. loanDepot said it will comply, though it disagrees with the action. Read for more details.
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  • loanDepot creates national sales leadership position, fills it with industry top gun

    New National Sales EVP John Bianchi will report directly to Chief Production Officer Dan Hanson
    In an effort to grow its retail channel, loanDepot CEO and Founder Anthony Hsieh recently announced John Bianch was appointed to the position of executive vice president of national sales. Hsieh said Bianch's hire positions the company to further invest in the tools, products and technology that today's retail loan officer needs to win.
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  • loanDepot CEO tells his "unhappy" LOs: Stop acting entitled

    Reportedly sends marching orders via email
    It's a tough market for mortgage lending and it's likely to get more difficult. That said, loanDepot CEO Anthony Hsieh is reportedly tired of his loan officers whining about it, allegedly sending an email to employees with strong feelings on the topic. What do you think of his tactic?
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  • MBA Annual Alert: Quicken, loanDepot leaders see fintech barrier to Amazon buy-in

    Anthony Hsieh and Bill Emerson say mortgage space still has too much friction
    Rumors have long swirled that Amazon has eyes on the mortgage business, but industry leaders say it's unlikely the company will dive in just yet. At MBA's annual convention on Tuesday, Hsieh and Emerson said there's still too much chaos in the space, but predict that fintech is on the verge of changing all that.
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  • loanDepot CEO personal net worth reportedly at $2 billion

    Anthony Hsieh set to get even richer with Amazon at the door
    While Amazon continues to build a mortgage division within its ranks, the online giant reportedly continues to search for a strategic acquisition to buy into the mortgage retail space. One name often put forward is loanDepot, though CEO Anthony Hsieh is already reportedly doing just fine without needing to sell the company.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 Women of Influence: Tammy Richards

    Enterprise Chief Operations Officer, loanDepot
    Tammy Richards is enterprise chief operations officer at loanDepot, and has also been a C-level executive at some of the nation’s largest lending organizations during the industry’s shift into contemporary times. She currently oversees more than 1,600 team members and is responsible for growing and refining loan production, as well as managing underwriting, processing, credit policy, funding/closing processes and quality controls. In the last year, Richards’ group helped originate and fund $35 billion, making loanDepot a top 5 retail lender.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 Women of Influence: Eileen Kim

    Product Development Lead at loanDepot's mello Innovation lab
    Today, Eileen and her team are actively crafting a proprietary consumer lending platform that enables consumers to connect with local home improvement professionals and fund their improvements in one seamless online environment.
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