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  • loanDepot unveils ambitions to expand beyond lending into entire real estate transaction

    Wants to connect approved homebuyers with real estate agents
    loanDepot is already one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, but now, the company wants to become a much larger part of the home buying process. On Tuesday, loanDepot unveiled an ambitious new plan that will see the lender expand beyond simply lending a borrower the money to buy a home into facilitating the entire real estate transaction.
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  • “Whole-tail” lenders: The entire premise of BRAWL is flawed

    Say bad rep coming from vocal minority giving incorrect details
    Earlier this year, a group of mortgage brokers started an initiative against certain wholesale lenders, calling out their practices, but one of those lenders is fighting back against those claims. The top lender for 2016 said the entire premise of BRAWL – that some wholesale lenders are safe to sell to while others are not – is flawed.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2017 HW Vanguard: Dan Hanson

    Chief Retail Production Officer at loanDepot
    During the past year at loanDepot, Dan Hanson was promoted from executive vice president of national production to chief retail production officer. Now, Hanson is responsible for leading the sales organization and overseeing the company’s plans to increase its retail footprint while expanding the scope of origination opportunities nationwide. 
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  • EXCLUSIVE: Nation's top mortgage lenders reveal their secrets to success

    What makes these companies tick? We asked, they answered
    HousingWire set out to find out how the nation's top 10 originators dominated the mortgage industry in 2016, including their best advice for up-and-coming mortgage lenders. Here’s what some of the top mortgage lenders say were the main drivers of their growth, and what they will be focusing on going forward.
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  • loanDepot CEO Anthony Hsieh shuts down 10 rumors about his company

    Writes straight-forward post on LinkedIn
    Anthony Hsieh is the founder and CEO of one of the most prominent nonbanks in the industry, loanDepot. For a CEO of a company that has funded more than $100 billion in loans since its inception, he regularly opens up a seat at the table for others to listen in on what it’s like to be at the helm of one of the biggest mortgage companies. Anyone who follows Hsieh on LinkedIn is privy to this. This latest post, in particular, caught a lot of attention.
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  • loanDepot adds top 1% loan originator to team

    Brian Decker closed 2016 with more than $204 million in sales
    Brian Decker, a top 1% loan originator, will serve as the retail lending manager for loanDepot's new Temecula, California, lending location. In 2016, Decker closed 586 loans with more than $204 million in sales.
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