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  • FOMC minutes reveal Fed’s positive economic outlook

    Increasingly optimistic about achieving inflation target
    The Federal Open Markets Committee released its minutes Wednesday from its January meeting, showing members of the Federal Reserve are becoming increasingly more confident in their economic outlook. The minutes also revealed the Fed became more optimistic about hitting its inflation target.
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  • Freddie Mac: Interest rates drop at start of 2018

    Less upward pressure could keep rates low for now
    Mortgage rates decreased at the start of the year as they felt less upward pressure from the market. Freddie Mac explained that with the FOMC minutes showing continued support for gradual increases in policy rates from many participants and inflation rates remaining low, there isn’t much upward pressure on long-term rates at the moment.
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  • Federal Reserve still hesitant to raise rates

    Meeting minutes show only 1 FOMC member wanted to raise rates in June
    The minutes from the June meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee show that nearly all the committee members and the Federal Reserve are still hesitant to increase the federal funds rate. So when is FOMC going to raise rates?
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