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  • Your favorite mortgage finance publisher is upgrading, in more ways than one

    HousingWire CEO: As mortgage industry evolves, so do we
    The economy and housing market both look good as we head into, what should be, another robust summer home sales season. At HousingWire, our mission is Moving Markets Forward. To help our readers and clients continue to put buyers in homes, win market share and build successful businesses, we’re making some serious investments.
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  • Real talk: The mortgage industry is changing, and some of you won't make it

    "The times they are a changin'"
    When I speak to agents and loan officers on disruption, tech, marketing, etc., my core message is always the same. It is time for you to stop being romantic about the way things used to be. We are never going back. It is time for you to embrace the tremendous opportunity in front of you to reimagine your business for today's consumer. I stress that you don't want to be on the "wrong side" of disruption.
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  • Influential mortgage players demand affordable housing measures from tax reform

    Say it’s critical tax reform do no harm to affordable housing production
    A group of powerful mortgage industry experts sent out a letter to the House of Representatives Wednesday, demanding that Congress include affordable housing measures in its tax reform. The letter makes three demands, saying they are crucial to ensure affordable housing does not suffer in the new tax reform.
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  • How a Trump presidency will shock the mortgage industry

    How long will the CFPB survive?
    The PHH ruling that put the CFPB under the authority of the president seemed like a nonevent given a Clinton victory — it’s not like she was going to disband the regulatory agency birthed by Elizabeth Warren. Any change to the status quo was kicked down the road by at least four years. Except Trump won. And Republicans now control the Senate and the House. Read this expert commentary from HousingWire Editor Sarah Wheeler.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Company Spotlight: Alight

    Forecasting technology solution provides visibility into financial impact of decisions
    At the epicenter of technology innovation in the Bay Area, Alight founders saw the need for a collaborative planning and forecasting technology solution that provides visibility into the financial impact of decisions and sudden market changes in highly complex and dynamic industries.
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  • How burdensome regulations now mean survival of the fittest

    The mortgage industry needs more than compliance capabilities
    Even today, the consequences of the mortgage crisis of 2008 resonate throughout the mortgage industry. However, the biggest impact from the meltdown wasn't sweeping regulation. Most will agree that there will be more “TRIDs” or “ATRs.” Instead, it's this key factor for businesses that is important.
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  • Upcoming loan officers ready for the market?

    Only 20% speak a second language
    As many loan officers prepare for retirement, the market struggles to find their replacement, and those that are coming in may not be prepared for today’s market. With only 20% of them reporting that they speak another language, this could become a barrier for the diverse new home-buying population.
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  • Altisource adds two senior executives in origination solutions

    Will manage and oversee sales
    Altisource Portfolio Solutions recently announced that it hired two mortgage industry executives, Michael Kuentz and Justin Vedder, who will take on the positions of vice president of national sales for Lenders One and vice president of national sales for AltiSource Orginiation Solutions, respectively.
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  • LenderLive appoints new execs to correspondent lending division

    Lynn Collins and Tisha Hamari joined the firm as regional account executives
    As the newest members of LenderLive, regional account executives Lynn Collins and Tisha Hamari will cover southern states and will work with current and prospective clients, including community banks and credit unions participating in or considering the company’s correspondent program.
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