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  • First-time homebuyers suddenly flood housing market

    Demand reaches highest level since 2000
    First time homebuyer demand surged to its highest level in 17 years during the third quarter of 2017. And for the first time since 2011, repeat homebuyer demand declined. The First-Time Homebuyer Market Report from Genworth Mortgage Insurance explains why first-time homebuyer demand continues to surge, even as other homebuyers wane.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Lenders closing low down payment mortgages at 7-year high

    [Photos] Expanding Florida sinkhole condemns another two homes
    This MMCC is jam-packed! NAR warns of yet another phishing text scam to Realtors. Also, the Trump administration announced reducing the mortgage interest tax deduction isn’t off the table. But it could always be worse. You could lose your home entirely to a Florida sinkhole.
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  • [Video] BofA CEO: Introduction of standard 10% down payment mortgage would increase homeownership

    And won’t introduce a ton of risk
    As of late, lenders are focusing a lot more on changing the mindset behind the supposed 20% down payment requirement in order to help more potential homeowners. And the CEO of one of the largest banks is included in this new wave of thinking. And no, the change won't add a bunch of risk into the market.
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  • Exclusive: Guaranteed Rate offers nationwide 1% down payment program

    Purchase is once again king
    This program, while new for Guaranteed Rate, isn't new to the industry. If it looks familiar, it's because you've seen it in headlines already, but it might be more familiar as Freddie Mac's Home Possible Advantage program. In an exclusive interview with HousingWire, Kasey Marty, executive vice president of secondary marketing with Guaranteed Rate, explains the significance behind its new Double Match 1% down program.
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  • Guaranteed Rate offers 1% down mortgage program through homebuyer grant with Chicago

    No first-time homebuyer requirement
    Low down payment mortgage programs have made quite the entrance in to the market as of late. Quicken Loans revealed the details of what went factors made up its 1% down, and now Guaranteed Rate revealed a new 1% down program. This program, however, is significantly different, as Kasey Marty, executive vice president of secondary marketing with Guaranteed Rate, explains.
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  • Quicken Loans now offering 1% down mortgages

    Here are the details on the program that no one is talking about
    While megabanks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase grabbed the headlines earlier this year by separately announcing plans to offer mortgage loans that only require a 3% down payment from the borrower, there is another major lender that is quietly requiring even less from borrowers. Unbeknownst to many in the market, Quicken Loans began offering an even better deal for borrowers late last year – a 1% down mortgage.
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  • Wells Fargo now offers 3% down payment mortgages

    Allows FICO scores as low as 620
    Wells Fargo is answering calls in the industry to expand the credit box. Not only did the bank announce it now offers a down payment of as little as 3% for fixed-rate mortgages, but it is accepting mortgages with a FICO score as low as 620. Here's how Greg Gwizdz, executive vice president of national retail sales with Wells Fargo, said the bank is making this program work.
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