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  • McConnell throws cold water on Republican Dodd-Frank repeal efforts

    Senate Majority Leader tells Bloomberg: "I'm not optimistic"
    The Financial CHOICE Act, the Republican-crafted replacement for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, may enjoy the support of the House Financial Services Committee, the Trump administration, and even President Donald Trump himself, but the Senate’s top Republican said this week that he believes that the bill may never make it to President Trump’s desk.
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  • This is why loosening Dodd-Frank won't stop real estate growth

    Or dent the homeownership rate
    The Trump administration recently signed an executive order to scale back the massive Dodd-Frank law. Many advocates are concerned its repeal could lead to another recession. However, it's important to understand that the executive order does not repeal the act. Here's what the executive order does mean for the housing market.
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  • Lawyers say Trump executive order does not overhaul Dodd-Frank

    More like a call for analysis and review
    President Donald Trump’s executive order to begin the rollback of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act doesn’t do much by itself, lawyers say. Rather than an outright demolition of existing financial regulations, the order mostly points to an ongoing legislative effort championed by the House Financial Services Committee chairman to replace Dodd-Frank with a Republican alternative.
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  • Why investors could see a $100 billion windfall from Dodd-Frank reform efforts

    What happens to all that money if banks don’t need to hold excess capital?
    A recent report from Kroll Bond Ratings Agency suggested that one area that the Trump administration should focus on in its regulatory reform efforts is the requirement that financial institutions hold capital to prevent the need for a bailout in a financial downturn. As a result of those requirements, the country’s six largest banks currently hold more than $100 billion in excess capital. So, what happens to all that money if the capital requirements are overhauled or eliminated?
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  • KBRA: This should be the focus of Trump's regulatory reform

    End practice of holding capital as "panacea" for preventing crisis
    President Donald Trump held to another one of his campaign promises last week, when he signed an executive order that is expected to begin the process of revamping (or replacing) the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. The specific details of the Trump administration’s plan for financial reform were not contained in the executive order, but what should the Republican-led regulatory reform efforts focus on?
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  • Trump moving forward with Dodd-Frank rollback plans

    Expected to sign executive order today requiring review of financial laws
    President Donald Trump is expected to move forward with his plans to roll back the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act by signing an executive order requiring a review of the comprehensive set of financial laws enacted after the crisis. According to Gary Cohn, a former top exec at Goldman Sachs and the White House National Economic Council Director, the move is the first of many designed to overhaul Dodd-Frank.
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  • Pence, Hensarling: Dismantling Dodd-Frank remains a high priority

    Top Republicans keep crosshairs trained on financial reforms
    It’s been a busy first week in office for President Donald Trump, with executive orders on immigration, energy, trade, health care and more being handed down daily. But executive orders are just the preamble to the big initiatives that Trump and the Republican majority in Congress are expected to push for shortly. Chief among those is the “dismantling” of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.
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  • Exclusive: Nationstar CEO Jay Bray on impact of 'surprising' election; higher interest rates

    Plus, what does potential regulatory rollback mean for Nationstar's future?
    Count Nationstar Mortgage CEO Jay Bray among those who were surprised by the election of Donald Trump, but Bray tells HousingWire that he is looking forward to working with the incoming Trump administration and is cautiously optimistic on the impact that the president-elect could have on the financial services business. Here's part two of HousingWire's exclusive interview with Bray.
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  • Wells Fargo fails living wills test; slapped with even more sanctions

    Another day of bad news for megabank
    Lately, it seems that Wells Fargo can’t even go a few days without another round of bad news. And Tuesday was another one of those bad-news days. Now, Wells Fargo is in trouble as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Federal Reserve Board announced that the bank failed some of its “living will” tests and will be subject to business restrictions until the failures are remedied.
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  • Blackstone CEO, leader of Trump's advisory board expects "substantial" reduction in regulations

    Steve Schwarzman said changes could be most significant in 45 years
    Steve Schwarzman, the chairman and CEO of Blackstone Group, expects to see a “substantial” reduction in government regulations during the term of President-elect Donald Trump. And Schwarzman will be well positioned to help contribute to that regulatory rollback, as he was recently named the leader of Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, a group of 16 CEOs who are expected to advise the president-elect on economic issues.
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