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  • Warren accuses Mulvaney of hobbling CFPB under guise of data security

    CFPB architect wants answers on acting director’s actions
    Sen. Elizabeth Warren has never been shy when it comes to defending the CFPB, the agency she helped form after the financial crisis. So it should come as no surprise that Warren is finding fault in Mick Mulvaney’s actions as the CFPB’s acting director. What may come as a bit of surprise is that Warren appears to believe that Mulvaney is actively working to weaken the agency.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Is the way the CFPB handles enforcement about to change?

    Nevada senators urge mortgage relief for Las Vegas victims
    Every day, it seems there’s a new rumor surrounding the apparently looming departure of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray. But regardless of what happens to Cordray, the way the CFPB handles enforcement could be changing as we speak. Plus, the senators from Nevada call on the mortgage business to grant relief to victims of the Las Vegas shooting. All that, and more, in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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  • CFPB unveils new mortgage servicing compliance exam targets

    Mortgage servicers, here's what the CFPB is looking for now
    On Wednesday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau laid down the law on mortgage servicers, warning them that they "cannot hide" behind subpar technology and use that as an excuse to avoid CFPB sanctions. But that's not all the CFPB is going to be looking into when it is reviewing mortgage servicers. Here is what else the CFPB is going to be looking into going forward.
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  • CFPB issues warning to mortgage servicers: You can't hide behind bad computer systems

    Investigations found servicers' deficient technology caused harm to consumers
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just fired a shot across the bow of the country's mortgage servicers after it found that some servicers are using outdated computer systems that could run them afoul of CFPB rules. "Mortgage servicers can't hide behind their bad computer systems or outdated technology," said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. "There are no excuses for not following federal rules."
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  • CFPB pushes to expose anonymous companies that sue it

    Legal battle erupts over naming plaintiffs
    Arguing that companies that sue it should not be granted anonymity, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking a federal judge to reveal the names of several companies that are anonymously suing the agency after a lawyer representing the group was denied entry into an investigative hearing.
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