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  • The same culprits are re-inflating the housing bubble

    Here we go again...
    Although there is plenty of blame spread across Wall Street for the housing crisis, to many involved in the mortgage and real estate industries, as well as to consumers themselves, the true enabler was our government. Now, evidence abounds that the bubble is being re-inflated by these very same culprits.
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  • Trulia: Home prices 3% undervalued by historic measure

    Only 7% of 100 largest metros are more than 10% overvalued
    Trulia Chief Economist Jed Kolko says that despite the current deceleration in home prices worrying some, and claims from others that home prices are too high, home prices nationally are actually 3% undervalued in the third quarter of 2014.
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  • Houston housing has best October, ever

    Want to see what a housing boom looks like? Try Houston. This big Texas city has seen 29 straight months of year-over-year price increases -- TWENTY NINE! -- and this past October, Houston set a new record: both median and average prices for a single-family home in the city hit their highest totals ever for October.
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