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  • Mortgage lenders once again turning a profit

    But production income still at all-time low for Q2
    Independent mortgage bankers pulled back into the black during the second quarter after seeing the worst quarter for profitability in years during the first quarter. However, even after rising from the first quarter’s loss, when measured in basis points, pre-tax net production income reached its lowest level for any second quarter since the inception of the MBA’s report in 2008.
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  • Mortgage origination volume hits highest point since 2012

    But profitability shrinks
    Mortgage originations are up, and even hit the highest volume amount since 2012, yet as originations increased, profitability sank. When originator profits are higher, mortgage volumes are less responsive to changes in interest rates, but as it stands, the Fed’s decision over a June rate hike could hold significant consequences to mortgage origination volumes.
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  • U.S. banks turn in most profitable quarter in history

    CNBC report shows it's never been better to be in the banking business
    It’s apparently never been a more profitable time to be a bank, according to a report from CNBC, which noted that the second quarter of 2016 was U.S. banks’ most profitable quarter of all time.
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