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  • [Pulse] Were prime borrowers actually the ones responsible for the housing crisis?

    MIT research says the crisis was triggered by prime borrowers' housing expectations. Here's what we should learn from this
    The role of mortgage-backed securities, rating agencies, prudential regulations, and housing policies have been debated at length and quick conclusions rather than a much-needed empirical evaluation have led economists and market pundits to dub the Great Recession a Subprime Crisis. But a recent paper by MIT researchers says they’re wrong. Here’s why, and what it means for the future.
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  • California's election could bring $6 billion to its affordable housing market

    However, some worry it may increase the taxpayer debt
    As more and more Californians suffer from rising mortgage and interest rates, legislators have introduced many proposals to tackle the housing crisis. This November, Californians will have the chance to vote for propositions that could bring $6 billion to affordable housing statewide, according to an article from The Mercury News.
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  • Trump tax cuts fail to provide boost to nation’s GDP

    Low GDP reflects current “housing crisis”
    Gross domestic product was a disappointment, shrinking in the first quarter despite the recent tax cuts passed at the end of 2017. One expert explained that the current slowdown reflects an ongoing housing crisis, and what can be done to reverse it.
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  • NY Fed president compares Wells Fargo fake account scandal to subprime mortgage crisis

    Dudley: Like subprime crisis, compensation made bankers ignore consequences
    The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York told the Banking Standards Board in London on Tuesday that he sees quite a few similarities between the Wells Fargo fake account scandal and the subprime mortgage crisis of the late 2000’s. "Compensation, once again, seems to be at the center of a scandal," NY Fed President William Dudley said in the speech.
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  • Zillow: Total value of U.S. housing reaches all-time high

    Housing market regains all value lost in crisis
    The total value of all the housing stock in the United States has never been worth more than it is right now, according to a new report from Zillow. That also means that the U.S. housing market has now regained all of the value that was lost during and after the housing crisis.
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  • What happened to all that mortgage settlement money?

    New York Times' Dealbook provides look at 8 massive mortgage settlements
    While the headlines don’t show up quite as often as they once did, it still seems like that every few weeks another bank is settling with the federal government (or other parties) over the mortgage misdeeds of the past. Each of those settlements checks in the multi-billion dollar range, but what happens to the settlement money after the banks pay up?
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  • [video] MBA President explains need for housing director

    Surplus of housing regulators creating unnatural conflict
    The Mortgage Bankers Association president and CEO explained the need for a housing policy director, and why this position is crucial to the next administration. According to the MBA, we are on the front edge of a new kind of housing crisis.
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