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  • Are you a part of the servicing technology revolution?

    Take this test to see how you rate
    Just as Airbnb and Lyft radically disrupted the hotel and transportation industries, the mortgage servicing industry is ripe for a technology revolution of its own. The truth is the proliferation of technology in the mortgage servicing industry is breathing new air to customers that have otherwise experienced nothing more than a great paper exchange – as long as payments are made on time.
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  • Take the 800 # customer service challenge

    How fast does your subservicer pick up their phone lines and represent your company?
    Go on. Call your subservicer. Are they answering in 60 seconds or less? Or, did they leave you on hold for 10, 20, or even 45 minutes? If your wait time felt like forever, guess what? That’s the exact same type of infuriating situation that you’re putting your customers through.
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  • HousingWire's Mortgage Services Guide narrows down your loan servicing search

    HW lists servicers that tailor to your specific needs
    HousingWire’s Mortgage Services Guide is a one-stop shop for finding the service provider your business is looking for. This monthly blog will highlight different services, service providers and insights your business needs to stay compliant and efficient. Visit HW’s Mortgage Services Guide to start your search.
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  • HSBC yanks massive PHH mortgage servicing portfolio

    PHH's subservicing portfolio will be cut by nearly 30%
    It appears that PHH Corp. is dealing with a subservicing problem on its hands. For the second time in four months, the company is about to lose a large portion of its mortgage portfolio. The details this time around seem all too familiar.
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  • Celink Rolls out Single Point of Contact Technology

    Celink, the nation’s largest reverse mortgage subservicer, is pleased to announce that it has implemented a single point of contact module for its clients’ borrowers who are in default status (tax and/or insurance, due and payable, foreclosure). When a borrower fails to pay their taxes and/or insurance, they are placed into default status, and Celink’s servicing platform (ReverServ™) auto-assigns the borrower to a Celink associate. This associate works exclusively and diligently with the borrower until they remedy the default. They will remain the borrower’s single point of contact (SPOC) through the remediation or foreclosure process. This program eliminates the
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