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  • Here's what borrowers could save by getting additional mortgage quotes

    Here’s what they could save with just one more quote
    Once borrowers begin their home-buying process, they rarely shop around for their mortgage, most often preferring to go with the first lender they find. As it turns out, this could be causing them to lose out on a lot of money, according to the April Insight report from Freddie Mac. Here’s what borrowers could be saving.
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  • Loan officers should be able to answer this question in 30 seconds or less

    Ask yourself this: Why should borrowers do business with you over the competition?
    [Op-ed] Mortgage loan officers face a challenge this year: With mortgage interest rates on the rise, the pool of eligible rate/term refinance borrowers shrinks. As that side of the business is waning, loan officers must work harder to earn a borrower’s business. So, ask yourself this: Why should borrowers do business with you over the competition?
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  • Many borrowers still owe too much on their home

    Home owners in negative equity still at high levels
    Many homebuyers are regaining equity on their homes as home prices continue to increase. But while homes that are underwater may be down significantly from the 2012 peak and even from last year, there is still a long way to go before hitting pre-crisis numbers.
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  • Lenders concoct new loans for nontraditional borrowers

    Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers get an origination refresh
    Nontraditional income earners are becoming increasingly mainstream, particularly among Millennials, who, compared to their parents and grandparents, move from job to job a lot more, are more likely to be independent contractors and may lack a solid credit profile.
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  • 3 reasons not to pay 3% down

    Here's why one financial planner thinks a low down payment could be trouble
    Many homebuyers, including a large number of Millennials, are looking at non-traditional ways of buying a home. Putting a smaller down payment on a home is one way that they are able to cope with rising home prices, but one financial analyst thinks these smaller down payments are causing more harm than good.
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  • Top 10 fastest moving housing markets

    Zillow data shows where buyers need to be ready
    Nerdwallet conducted a study using data from Zillow to show the fastest moving housing markets, and the need for buyers to be prepared when faced with difficulty. The top markets include cities from Texas, California, Colorado and others.
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  • FHFA: More than 3.4 million homeowners used HARP

    A little more than 6 months left
    The Home Affordable Refinance Program comes to a close this year. Now the FHFA will put in its last efforts to encourage homeowners to take advantage. But, before we all wave a teary goodbye, here are some stats offering a snapshot of the epic, Federal program.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Putting skin in the game

    Can rising rates loosen lending standards? Well, first, rates have to rise...
    According to Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey for August, lenders anticipate interest rates rising steadily in the coming months and expect an even bigger and concurrent reduction in mortgage loan demand. Will that reduced demand drive lenders to loosen credit standards?
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