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    Buy, don’t build

    Why digital lending solutions are better with a partner
    In the digital age, every sort of business should offer its clients a digital experience, and lenders are absolutely no exception. Clients, including borrowers, expect to be able to interface with their lender online and at their convenience, and the elegance and ease-of-use of a digital lending experience may be what decides a borrower on where to take their business.
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  • Pen pals with your mortgage lender? Yeah, it's a thing

    Life is complicated. When underwriters have questions, they might reach out to you
    Did you know that underwriters often reach out to borrowers via letter? According to a piece in the Wall Street Journal, borrowers shouldn’t be surprised if they are asked to provide a letter of explanation or “comfort letter” to underwriters who are curious about mushy spots in their knowledge of the borrowers’ situations.
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  • Pricing is just one piece of the puzzle

    Customer satisfaction is what really matters the most
    UWM's CEO Mat Ishbia writes that the mortgage business is so commoditized that it’s easy to focus on price as a difference maker – but if you’re a mortgage broker or correspondent that picks a lender based solely on its cheap rates, it will likely cost you big in the long run. Read more about what matters most: customer satisfaction.
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  • ComplianceEase announces solution integration with Tavant Technologies

    ComplianceEase integrates three solutions in Tavant's VELOX suite
    ComplianceEase announced on Tuesday that its ComplianceAnalyzer, 4506xpress and LicenseManager solutions are now integrated within Tavant Technologies' VELOX product suite. The integrations aim to allow its customers to securely audit loans for regulatory compliance violations, verify borrower income and automatically verify mortgage loan originators.
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  • Here's what borrowers could save by getting additional mortgage quotes

    Here’s what they could save with just one more quote
    Once borrowers begin their home-buying process, they rarely shop around for their mortgage, most often preferring to go with the first lender they find. As it turns out, this could be causing them to lose out on a lot of money, according to the April Insight report from Freddie Mac. Here’s what borrowers could be saving.
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  • Loan officers should be able to answer this question in 30 seconds or less

    Ask yourself this: Why should borrowers do business with you over the competition?
    [Op-ed] Mortgage loan officers face a challenge this year: With mortgage interest rates on the rise, the pool of eligible rate/term refinance borrowers shrinks. As that side of the business is waning, loan officers must work harder to earn a borrower’s business. So, ask yourself this: Why should borrowers do business with you over the competition?
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  • Many borrowers still owe too much on their home

    Home owners in negative equity still at high levels
    Many homebuyers are regaining equity on their homes as home prices continue to increase. But while homes that are underwater may be down significantly from the 2012 peak and even from last year, there is still a long way to go before hitting pre-crisis numbers.
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  • Lenders concoct new loans for nontraditional borrowers

    Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers get an origination refresh
    Nontraditional income earners are becoming increasingly mainstream, particularly among Millennials, who, compared to their parents and grandparents, move from job to job a lot more, are more likely to be independent contractors and may lack a solid credit profile.
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  • 3 reasons not to pay 3% down

    Here's why one financial planner thinks a low down payment could be trouble
    Many homebuyers, including a large number of Millennials, are looking at non-traditional ways of buying a home. Putting a smaller down payment on a home is one way that they are able to cope with rising home prices, but one financial analyst thinks these smaller down payments are causing more harm than good.
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