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  • From HW Magazine

    What features do buyers really want in today's housing market?

    Unpacking which investments pay off in new builds and remodels
    Would-be homeowners are inundated with picture-perfect examples of new and remodeled homes brimming with upgrades. But in the real world, homebuilders and investors must calculate the rate of return on these sometimes fleeting trends, weighing what buyers want with what they can actually afford. This feature looks at which features buyers of different age demographics consider the most important, and what that means for sellers.
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  • Existing home sales dip to lowest level this year

    Home prices continue to rise
    Existing home sales decreased in July, hitting the lowest level for the year, but it is not due to low demand for housing. In fact, as interest rates also hit their lowest level for 2017, more homebuyers are flooding into the market, but housing inventory remains unable to keep up.
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  • Foreign investment in U.S. real estate surges 49%

    Fueled by increase in Canadian buyer volume
    Transaction growth from foreign buyers exploded over the past year, climbing a full 49%, to an all-new high. While Chinese investors hold the number one spot on U.S. real estate investment, the sudden surge can be credited to a hike in sales volume among Canadian buyers, whose unprecedented growth also hit a new high.
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  • Can anything slow down rising home prices?

    Experts sound off on the price surge seen across the majority of metros
    Not surprisingly, the Case-Shiller home prices index showed an increase in home prices in April from March and from last year as competition grows among homebuyers. Now, experts explain why home prices will be slow to react to any market changes, and will not change their upward trend anytime soon. However, at least one economist disagrees.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Consumer groups look to expand CFPB authority

    And Steven Mnuchin marries Scottish actress
    This weekend was full of economic news as Freddie Mac released its latest report forecasting a second wave of demand in the housing market and Fannie Mae’s lender survey showed credit standards are about to ease. But it wasn’t all work and no play. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin celebrated his wedding amid Wall Street elite and Washington insiders.
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  • Millennials undaunted by competitive housing market

    Ellie Mae report shows Millennials are buying homes even in larger cities
    Although competition is fierce among homebuyers, Millennials are still increasing their share of purchase loans, according to the latest Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker report. This is true not only in more affordable markets but also in some of the largest metros across the country.
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  • Orlando home sales soar 40% higher month-over-month

    Housing inventory reaches lowest point since 2013
    Home sales skyrocketed in March by 40% compared to February as homebuyer activity increased in Orlando. However, this jump put even further strain on an already inventory-starved market, bringing housing supply to levels not seen since 2013.
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