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  • Multifamily industry takes Capitol Hill for regulatory reform

    NMHC, NAA, and industry heads met with Congress seeking regulatory, affordable housing crisis solutions
    Multifamily industry heads met with Congress to hash out regulatory burdens and affordability last week. The National Multifamily Housing Council, National Apartment Association, Gables Residential CEO Sue Ansel and others gathered on Capitol Hill to seek solutions to regulatory burdens imposed at the local, state and federal levels as well as potential solutions for the housing shortage that is fueling the affordability crisis.
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  • From HW Magazine

    HOT or NOT August: What's trending in housing right now

    Cybersecurity, stress tests, Mick Mulvaney and more make the list
    Companies should keep an eye on these three cybersecurity trends, plus more homeowners are cashing in on equity and the Fed is considering eliminating the pass/fail score on bank stress tests. Read more inside!
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  • Opioid crisis now threatens housing supply

    Could be holding back labor-force participation
    Housing shortages continue to hold back home sales, keep Millennials from entering the housing market and even decrease affordability. Many different factors explain the lack of new homes coming on to the market, but the latest challenge could be the ongoing opioid crisis.
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  • MBA Secondary: Can Fannie and Freddie help fix the housing shortage?

    Manufactured housing, construction products are on the agenda
    Desmond Smith, senior vice president and head of customer delivery at Fannie Mae, and Kevin Palmer, senior vice president of single-family credit risk transfer at Freddie Mac, outlined their agencies’ efforts to make the entire mortgage process simpler and easier. And that’s a good thing since the agencies facilitate the lion’s share — maybe even the elephant’s share — of the secondary mortgage market.
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  • Here are 6 ways for you to win a loan-backed bid in a sea of cash buyers

    And mend your broken heart
    [Commentary] Over the last five years, cash buyers – most of whom are out-of-state investors looking to convert homes into rental properties – have begun to disrupt the loan-dominated financing model and give families looking to buy homes a real run for their money. And most of the homes they are taking are the ideal choices for first-time homebuyers. So what options are there for buyers looking to compete against all cash buyers?
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  • NAHB: Here’s how the Canadian lumber tariffs add to the current housing shortage

    Negatively impacts homebuilders and homebuyers
    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced another tariff on Canadian lumber this week, and much like the previous one, it does little to solve the actual problem, according to the National Associations of Home Builders. In a follow-up interview with HousingWire, NAHB broke down what the tariffs mean and how its impacts homebuilders and homebuyers negatively.
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  • Oregon couple forced out of tiny home

    Deemed unsuitable for land it’s on
    The city named a tiny home in a residential neighborhood unfit for the land that it’s on. Now, despite housing shortages in the area, the couple was evicted from their home. These homeowners claim the government is going after the wrong people.
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  • Paltry GDP growth shows economy is "barely above water"

    Residential construction fell due to weaker single-family housing starts
    “Over the past 12 months, the economy has expanded by only 1.2%,” Paul Ashworth, chief economist at Capital Economics, said. “What is really worrying is that pace has still been enough to reduce the unemployment rate further, suggesting that the economy’s potential growth rate could conceivably be close to zero.”
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