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  • Zillow introduces 3D technology app to real estate agents

    But Realtor says, “Not a game changer”
    Zillow plans to launch 3D Homes for houses listed for sale or for rent, allowing homebuyers to take an immersive tour. Its new app allows homeowners and real estate agents to capture the 3D images from their iPhone. However, one Realtor explained this new app is not a game changer, and many agents will opt out Zillow’s 3D Homes.
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  • Northwest adds most new listings since 2008 in June

    Pace of home sales slows
    Homebuyers in the Northwest could soon see relief to the increasing competition as June saw the largest increase in new listings for any single month since 2008. However, despite the sudden increase, some counties are still struggling with less than a month of housing supply at the current sales pace.
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  • North Texas inventory crisis shows small signs of relief

    Total number of houses on the market finally increases
    The North Texas housing market, like the rest of the nation, struggles with extremely tight inventory, especially given that it is consistently one of the hottest housing markets in America. However, a new report gives a small indication that this could start to change.
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  • Accredited Faces NASDAQ Delisting, Claims of Securities Fraud

    Accredited Home Lenders Holding Co. (NASDAQ:LEND) said early Monday that its stock is subject to delisting from the NASDAQ due to the company's failure to file its 2006 Annual Report on Form 10-K prior to expiration of the 12b-25 period on March 15, 2006. Accredited said it intends to request a hearing before the NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel to appeal the determination, which will stay the delisting while the company works to file its Form 10-K. In addition, Accredited revealed that a class action lawsuit was filed against the company and certain of its officers and directors. Like many similar suits facing other subprime lenders, the lawsuit generally alleges that Accredited issued "materially false and misleading" statements that caused the company's stock to trade at artificially inflated prices.
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