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  • Affordable homes: An issue that should unite both parties

    Here's where the government currently stands on affordable housing
    [Expert commentary] Amidst the partisan rancor in Washington, there is one issue that should unite both political parties: the urgent need to expand access to affordable rental housing. The situation is dire. The good news is that many of the solutions to the rental affordability crisis already enjoy broad bipartisan support. Here are the solutions to the crisis that are already hiding in plain sight.
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  • Part 1: Is American housing policy back to historic crossroads?

    It’s time to revisit some key assumptions
    [Commentary] Between GSE reform and a regulatory blitz seemingly stalled, it’s time to revisit some key assumptions. We’re not quite halfway through 2017 yet, and already it’s safe to say that as far as the housing and mortgage world is concerned, this has been a year unlike any we’ve seen in awhile.
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  • Experts weigh in: Positive jobs report fails to fix what’s wrong with housing

    Expect Fed to raise rates in June
    Economists agree that the April jobs report proved the economy is moving along at a healthy pace despite the disappointing job numbers in March. But when it comes to the housing market specifically, this positive report does little to help the factors that are really blocking growth in the industry. Here, top housing economists explain what the news means for the bottom line in housing.
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  • Why rising Federal Funds rates might be good for the housing market

    Here are 3 reasons why
    [Expert commentary] Much of the commentary surrounding the Federal Reserve’s decision Wednesday to raise the Fed Funds rate by 25 basis points has been about how this is likely to have a negative effect on home affordability. What if this isn’t true? In fact, here are three positive side effects to rising interest rates.
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  • Housing's new normal: Low interest rates, shifting demand, coming wave of new homebuyers

    CoreLogic's Frank Nothaft on how housing is changing
    Speaking before a packed house gathered Wednesday on the 7th floor of the Newseum in Washington, D.C., CoreLogic’s chief economist, Frank Nothaft, told the crowd of housing insiders that anyone waiting for any dramatic shifts in housing, interest rates, or otherwise is likely to be left waiting.
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  • HousingWire hires new leader to head sales team

    Jennifer Watson Laws brings nearly 20 years of experience
    HousingWire hired Jennifer Watson Laws as its new national sales director. Watson Laws brings years of experience as an executive, her career spanning digital, print and out-of-home platforms. HousingWire CEO talks about the new hire, and why she’s a perfect fit.
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  • Experts: Housing isn’t running out of steam despite low inventory

    And lackluster mortgage application numbers
    The latest mortgage application report posted sad and familiar news. Applications are stuck in limbo as inventory stifles any housing demand in the market — Americans don’t see the point in applying for a mortgage until conditions improve. This problem isn't forever though, as at least one top Wall Street bank sees a better future for housing.
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  • CoreLogic economist: Here's a current snapshot of the mortgage credit market

    Macro highlights at ABS East
    Where are we in the credit cycle? How will credit markets react to the upcoming election? Has the pendulum swung too far when it comes to mortgage underwriting? These were some of the questions raised and answered at ABS East. Frank Nothaft, chief economist with CoreLogic, shares his insights on the state of the mortgage market as witnessed at ABS East.
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