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  • Las Vegas sees boom in housing starts

    Hits highest level since 2008
    Housing starts in Las Vegas, Nevada, surged to housing boom levels at the end of 2017. However, these new homes are increasingly being built as more expensive, trade-up homes. In 2016, 42% of homes built were priced below $300,000, but in 2017, only 21% were built below that price line.
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  • Here’s the No. 1 new home market in the U.S.

    Builders started more than 30,000 homes in past year
    A new report from Metrostudy showed the No. 1 market in the nation for newly built homes. Builders constructed less new homes under $200,000 during the second quarter, however a large increase in homes from $200,000 to $250,000 shows builders are actively battling rising home prices to add more starter homes to the market.
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  • Dallas homebuilding values shift dramatically

    More expensive homes being built
    New home starts in Dallas may be up, but it won’t help the affordability crisis as homebuilders made a dramatic shift in the type of homes they are building. Instead of building affordable homes, new home starts are increasing in the higher price ranges.
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