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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Number of borrowers with refi incentive plummets

    Are you prepared for midterm elections
    Amid rising interest rates, the latest data from Black Knight shows more than half of homeowners who entered the year with an incentive to refinance their mortgage have since lost it. And do you know what your candidate’s views are on issues surrounding housing, finance and other areas that are important for you? Here’s how to find out.
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  • Judge again extends FEMA evictions of Hurricane Maria victims

    Evictions now pending formal hearing
    On Saturday, a federal court ordered a temporary halt of evictions for nearly 2,000 victims of Hurricane Maria, and now the court is again extending the halt on the evictions. After a meeting Tuesday, Judge Timothy Hillman issued an order backing the extension of the temporary restraining order to July 23, pending a formal hearing.
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  • Court temporarily halts evictions of 2,000 Puerto Rican disaster victims

    NLIHC calls on Congress for permanent solution
    A federal court ordered a temporary halt Saturday of the eviction of nearly 2,000 victims displaced by 2017’s natural disasters. The lawsuit alleged that FEMA was planning to prematurely abort its assistance to thousands of Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria. But the temporary halt will not last long, and groups are now urging Congress to act.
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  • New Yorkers accused of defrauding government by pretending Hurricane Sandy destroyed their home

    Claimed damaged home was theirs, but home was actually abandoned
    A Staten Island, New York couple stands accused of defrauding the federal government out of $750,000 by pretending that they owned a home that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Court documents show that they actually abandoned the home seven months before the storm hit, but still claimed that they lived there and used that deception to “unlawfully obtain” over $750,000 in aid intended for people displaced by the storm.
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  • National Flood Insurance Program granted 3-month extension

    Previously set to expire Sept. 30
    President Donald Trump signed a three-month extension to the National Flood Insurance Program on Friday, giving Congress more time to come up with a long-term financial solution for the program. While flood insurance has struggled to gain a lot of attention over the years, the devastating destruction of Hurricane Harvey and the ongoing threat of Hurricane Irma pushed the urgency for a solution to the program to the surface.
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  • Affordability in question: The National Flood Insurance Program needs $1.4 billion more to function

    Here are the two main reasons why
    As the expiration date of the National Flood Insurance Program looms, the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan analysis for the U.S. Congress, calculated the financial soundness of the program. Turns out, the program is extremely in the red and has an expected one-year shortfall of $1.4 billion. But with the impact of Hurricane Harvey still fresh on everyone’s mind, the urgency to do something is growing.
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