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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Trump targets CFPB funding for greater control

    Is his election slowing down affordable housing? California thinks so
    President Donald Trump's budget proposal reportedly includes a big change for the CFPB. We have the details for you. Plus, will the Fed raise rates in March? Here's one way to get a clue. Also, did the Oscars get its first HUD joke? Twitter thinks so. And Trump's election appears to be costing California some much-needed affordable housing.
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  • Here's more industry response to the Fed raising interest rates

    Fed meeting held "little surprise"
    Since the majority of the market believed the Federal Reserve would increase interest rates this Wednesday, a lot of economists had time to formulate what this news would mean for the housing market. As the comments continued to pour in, we covered them here. Even though the market already assumed this December increase, it’s what economists believe will happen moving forward that’s most telling.
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  • The war between Yellen and Trump

    Fed likely to raise interest rates Wednesday
    The ongoing battle between Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and President-elect Donald Trump is about to escalate to a new level come Wednesday. The two already have a tense relationship due to Trump saying, “If I win, Yellen’s days at the Fed will be numbered.” Now Yellen is charged with having to keep a lid on inflation in the midst of optimism following Trump’s victory.
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