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  • U.S. borrowers are compiling more debt

    Borrowers need to be cautious of negatively impacting credit profiles
    Bank of America says that U.S. borrowers are compiling more debt while simultaneously keeping their credit profiles healthy for now, according to an article by Will Mathis and Jennifer Surane for Bloomberg.
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  • LoanScorecard hires new digital mortgage strategist

    Raj Parekh will strengthen company's technological reach
    LoanScorecard, a decision management solution provider, announced Tuesday that Raj Parekh joined the company as its new digital mortgage strategist. The company hopes to tap into the technological needs of millennials navigating the housing market.
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  • Will AI take the jobs of loan officers?

    Research says disruption is coming but loan officers will stay
    [Expert commentary] While we have witnessed the rapid disruption in products and technology, many experts believe artificial intelligence will disrupt the human interaction with homebuyers and remove loan officers entirely from the equation. However, data does not suggest this will happen anytime soon. According to consumer research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, today’s borrowers prefer a combination of digital tools with knowledgeable advisors.
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  • Fannie Mae: Fewer lenders easing credit standards

    But report negative profit margin outlook for sixth consecutive quarter
    Fewer lenders are choosing to ease their credit standards, despite their negative profit margins. Mortgage lenders reported a net negative profit margin outlook for the sixth consecutive quarter, matching the all-time low reading from the fourth quarter in 2016.
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  • Your top 10 HMDA questions answered: Part 4

    What will the regulators expect now and going forward?
    The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act deadline looms closer, but many questions still remain unanswered. In part four of this 10-part series, experts break down what regulators will really expect from lenders now and going forward.
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  • Fannie Mae: An update on Day 1 Certainty one year later

    What we’ve learned and where we’re going
    [Expert Commentary] Over the last year, more than 1,000 lenders signed up for one or more of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty services. Now, based on another year of listening and learning, Fannie Mae is building on the foundation laid last year with its new product offerings.
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  • Who owns the data relating to an appraisal?

    The appraiser, the AMC or the homeowner?
    [Commentary] Being part of a webinar panel for HousingWire recently the discussion revolved around AMCs, fees and eventually technology. Some cogent questions were raised about who owns the data relating to an appraisal as well as how technology will change the industry. In my personal opinion and this is varied, the data belongs to the client.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Proctor Financial creates tailored solutions for hazard tracking and LPI

    Simplifies the vendor management process
    Proctor has developed a proprietary client portal, Intelligent Insurance Manager, to simplify the vendor management process. This portal goes beyond just tracking residential and commercial loans, allowing clients to access recorded borrower phone calls and management trend reports.
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