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  • Supreme Court rejects Texas bank challenge to CFPB

    Claimed CFPB’s “unprecedented, unchecked power” violates Constitutional separation of powers
    The Supreme Court declined to hear a Texas bank’s constitutional challenge to the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Monday. The State National Bank of Big Spring, Texas, claimed the CFPB’s “unprecedented, unchecked power” violates the Constitution’s separation of powers.
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  • Bank fights for stake in PHH case to battle CFPB authority

    "We are cautiously optimistic"
    State National Bank of Big Spring, Texas won’t back down easily. The bank continues to try and weigh in on the landmark case between PHH and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Despite motions from other parties being denied, Competitive Enterprise Institute General Counsel Sam Kazman said they are “cautiously optimistic” that their recent motion to intervene will be approved.
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  • Can this small Texas bank jump in on PHH's fight with the CFPB?

    State National Bank of Big Spring v. Lew
    Even though PHH’s battle with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau takes up the majority of the discussion around the fate of the bureau, it’s not the only entity fighting against the independent agency. Battling alongside PHH is State National Bank of Big Spring, Texas. The bank harbors a similar grudge against the CFPB, with a lot of its fate resting in the outcome of the PHH case. But will it be able to fight its own battle?
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  • Will PHH victory undermine CFPB authority in similar court battle?

    This is the case no one is talking about...yet
    PHH's victory against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s leadership structure opens the door for another, lesser-known case of a small Texas bank. The case got put on hold until the PHH case was finalized since they had similar challenges. Now with the case finalized, will the bureau face more charges on its authority?
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  • Federal court tosses challenge to CFPB Director Cordray's recess appointment

    But other questions of agency's constitutionality linger
    A federal judge tossed out part of a lawsuit that challenged the makeup, leadership structure and authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, finding that the Obama Administration was within its allowable rights when it named Richard Cordray as the CFPB’s director while Congress was in recess.
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  • Small Texas bank winning big fight against CFPB

    Court of Appeals upholds bank’s challenge to regulator
    A small Texas bank was handed a large victory this week, when a federal court ruled that the bank is allowed to challenge the constitutionality and authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Here are all the details.
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  • Judge tosses out Dodd-Frank challenge

    A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that challenged pieces of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul, since the plaintiff did not show the law had an impact on them.
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