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  • CoreLogic: Here’s what will be making economic news in 2019

    Next year to hit 50-year unemployment lows
    CoreLogic released its predictions for 2019, outlining several factors that will be making economic news in the new year. CoreLogic’s chief economist explained that economic growth only needs to last seven more months in order to set the record for the longest economic expansion.
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  • Goldman Sachs: Fed still has 5 rate hikes to go

    Job creation to reach breakeven pace in 2020
    The Federal Reserve elected to raise the federal funds rate three times so far in 2018, three times in 2017 and once in 2016, but Goldman Sachs says it still has five rate hikes to go. The company noted that the Fed is unlikely to conclude the hiking cycle unless it is reassured that the labor market overshoot doesn’t grow much further.
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  • September jobs report: Unemployment falls to 3.7%

    Non-farm payrolls increased by 134,000
    The unemployment rate moderately fell to 3.7% in September, according to the latest Employment Situation Summary report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. One expert said although September’s wage increase pales in comparison to growing home prices, any increase is helpful for buyers trying to get in the market.
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  • ADP: Employment increases 177,000 in June

    Construction jobs are steadily increasing
    As unemployment rates fall, the labor market is expected to reach full employment, according to the ADP and Moody's Analytics National Employment Report. But Moody Chief Economist of Analytics Mark Zandi believes that business’ number one problem is finding qualified workers, and as the rate of employment increases the problem will worsen.
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  • Job creation increase misses the mark in August

    Slowdown not caused by Hurricane Harvey
    Employment increased in August, but the jump was significantly lower than predicted and last month’s increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics explained the job numbers for August were not affected by Hurricane Harvey. But on the positive side of things, construction jobs saw a much-needed increase.
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  • Employment increase surpasses expectations in July

    Unemployment rate remains unchanged
    The latest jobs report released Friday morning came in above expectations, however it was a slowdown from June’s job growth. Many factors, including the unemployment rate and the labor participation rate, held steady from last month, but hourly wages increased.
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