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  • New homes sales at highest level in a decade

    When will housing contribute to GDP?
    While this is good news for the market, there may be a bigger, better knock-on effect for the national economy if this keeps up. Read more for the latest indicators and where housing stands as part of the greater national economy.
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  • Realtors slam FCC decision to repeal net neutrality

    Say rollback could hurt consumers, small businesses
    The Federal Communications Commission passed its repeal of net neutrality regulations, which prevents internet service companies to charge users more to see certain content. But now, Realtors and others in the housing industry are standing up against the decision.
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  • National Association of Realtors names new 2018 leadership team

    Elizabeth Mendenhall selected as 2018 president
    With 2018 almost here, the National Association of Realtors unveiled its new leadership team for the upcoming year. The association named Elizabeth Mendenhall, a sixth generation Realtor from Columbia, Missouri, as 2018 president.
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  • NAR invests in Notarize to help push for more mortgage eClosings

    One of only 13 NAR investments
    The eClosing market reached a major milestone on Thursday. Second Century Ventures, the investment arm of the National Association of Realtors, announced it is investing in Notarize, a remote notary platform. The announcement reaffirms a strong push in the industry toward remote eClosings.
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  • Realtors beware: There's another phishing scam out to get you

    Here's what to do if it happens to you
    Realtors once again find themselves susceptible to another scam that threatens to con them into paying fines. The National Association of Realtors warned its members this week about this new phishing scam that is targeting its members. And unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a scam has happened like this toward real estate agents.
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  • Amazon quietly reveals possible expansion into real estate

    Creates "Hire a Realtor" webpage
    As shoppers scoured Amazon’s website on Tuesday for its annual Prime day deals, the online shopping giant quietly disclosed a new service coming soon to its users: “Hire a Realtor”. The move would turn the company into a competitor with Zillow and Redfin. Shopping for a new television? How about adding a new home to put it in?
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  • You've been warned: CFPB puts real estate agents, lenders on RESPA violation watch

    Enforcement now top priority
    RESPA — the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act — is a current buzzword in the housing industry with an increased scrutiny from the industry’s top consumer watchdog. So far this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau slapped Prospect Mortgage with a $3.5 million fine for violating RESPA and stepped up it ongoing investigation into Zillow for possible violations. If you’re looking for a sign, here it is.
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